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Redwood City

Historic Photos of Redwood City
In the 1850s and 1860s, Simon Mezes was selling the first plots of land to settlers along Redwood Creek and business was booming in the shipping and lumber industries. (Eight photos with captions, from 1854 to 1967.)

Text History of Redwood City
(Four pages)

Pioneer Store
Simon M. Mezes

History of Simon M. Mezes
Find out how Simon M. Mezes transformed a disorganized settlement of squatters along Redwood Creek into the beginnings of city and why Redwood City is not called Mezesville. (Two pages of text with photo.)  
Simon M. Mezes

Historic Photos of the Redwood City Courthouse
The Redwood City Courthouse is a landmark in our city and the symbol of Redwood City's role as County Seat. (Seven photos with captions, from 1871 to 1953.)

Text History of the Redwood City Courthouse
(One page)

Redwood City Courthouse

Historic Photos of the Port of Redwood City
The history of the port goes back to 1851 when a deep-water channel was discovered off of San Francisco Bay. (Nine photos with captions, from 1878 to 1947.)

Text History of the Port of Redwood City
(One page)

Port of Redwood City

Historic Photos of the Redwood City Public Library
The Redwood City Public Library has always been an important part of the Redwood City community. (Nine photos with captions, from the 1870s to the 1990s.)

Text History of the Redwood City Public Library
(One page)

Redwood City Public Library
Climate Best

Climate Best By Government Test
For over 70 years, this has been Redwood City's official slogan. Why? How? Find out here. (One page of text with photo.)
Climate Best by Government Test

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