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Historic Photos of the Port of Redwood City

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The modern Port of Redwood City began in 1937 and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 1997. But, as these photos show, the history of the port goes back to 1851 when a deep-water channel was discovered off of San Francisco Bay. For more information, see History of the Port of Redwood City and the Port of Redwood City Homepage.

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Port Photos

1. Lithograph - 1878

2. Turning Basin - 1892

3. Capitol Hotel - c. 1900

4. Franks Wharf - c. 1885

5. Dredger - 1896

6. "Faith" - 1918

7. Aerial - 1924

8. Naval Ships - 1937

9. Regatta - 1947

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Photos provided by the Local History Collection at the Redwood City Public Library.
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Exhibit date: September 1997.