Residential Floor Plan Checklist

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All permit applications for residential projects shall include a scaled and dimensioned floor plans.  Existing and proposed portions of the structure shall be represented.  For most residential projects, the recommended scale is ¼ inch = 1 foot. This checklist was designed as a guide to help ensure plan completeness.



q      Dimension and label all rooms (existing and proposed) including basement spaces (e.g. bedroom,

kitchen, etc.)

q       Dimension and label covered parking facilities (“free and clear” interior dimensions of carports and/or garages)



q      Existing and proposed, and walls to be removed

q      Indicate if walls are load bearing or non-load bearing



q      Door locations, sizes, openings, and schedule

q       Window locations, sizes, openings, and schedule


Note:  Minimum egress is required for sleeping rooms; minimum light and ventilation are required for all other rooms.  A sleeping room is a space for sleeping not less than 70 square feet with a closet.



q      Electrical outlets, switches and lights

q      Heating vents (new & existing)

q      Smoke Detectors

q      Plumbing fixtures

q       Kitchen and bathroom layout (cabinets, refrigerator, counter tops)



q      Fireplaces

q      Stairs and associated landings (including handrails and/or guardrails if required)

q      All other exterior landings such as porches, stoops, decks and balconies, that are exited by means of any type of door




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