Fee Schedule Modification FAQs

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The City will be updating fees for certain services this spring so they better reflect the actual cost of providing the service. This includes fees related to development, public safety, and community services.


Additional Information and Documents:

  • Read a staff report and view a consultant study regarding fees here.
  • Watch the staff presentation and Council discussion from the February 27 City Council meeting here.
  • View the staff presentation here.


The City has not updated many of its fees in several years and some fees do not cover the cost of providing the service. The City Council will discuss whether fees should be set at levels that recover the full cost of providing services, or set at lower levels to achieve public policy goals, such as encouraging compliance. Setting fees at lower levels means that general tax dollars are used to provide the service.


Thank you to those of you who provided input through our survey. The results will be discussed at an upcoming City Council meeting.

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  • Why is the City reviewing the fees?

  • What fees will be impacted?

  • How are the fees determined?

  • Why are fees going up?

  • What happens if the City does not increase the fees?

  • Where can I find more information about how the fees will be changing?

  • How do the proposed fees compare to fees charged in other cities?

  • When will the fee changes go into effect?

  • How do I share my comments?