Our Community: Housing and Our Future

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Heart and Home LogoThe City, in partnership with Redwood City 2020, the County’s Home For All initiative and the Library Foundation, is inviting the community to come together for a series of community conversations on housing. Our Community: Housing and Our Future includes a series of community conversations and City Council meeting discussions. Please consider joining us for one or all of these opportunities to discuss this important issue facing our community.

For more on the City’s housing efforts, go here.

      For more on defining affordable housing and affordability income levels, go here.

      For the City's Housing Resource Guide go here

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Thank you to those who took our recent survey. Your responses will help us understand how you and those you know, are experiencing current housing conditions, and what principles should guide Redwood City’s approach to housing.

537 people provided input through the survey. Themes that emerged through community input included:

1. Increase housing security; need for more short‐term support while pursuing mid‐ and long‐term solutions

2. More housing options for families, seniors, singles, homeless and those serving the community (such as teachers, police, fire fighters, nurses)

3. Enhance social and economic diversity; increase community connections and cooperative approaches

4. Engage large employers and preserve small businesses; increase possibility of wage increases for low income earners

5. Coordinated planning, including transportation

Upcoming Meetings

July 23

The City Council to consider the Housing and Human Concerns Committee work plan.

Past Meetings

June 25

City Council to consider use of affordable housing fees

Meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall

Community Conversations

April 11

Thank you to the 100+ community members who attended this event to learn about who lives and works in Redwood City and what is happening with housing. If you were unable to attend this meeting, please see the meeting summary and materials below.



 Summary of April conversations- NEW!

 For the summary in Spanish, go here.



Meeting Materials: 


Meeting Follow-Up:


May 22

The Housing and Human Concerns Committee held a community conversation about affordable housing and welcomed input for how to allocate affordable housing fees.

Meeting Materials:

City Council Meetings

March 26

City Council considered minimum lease terms and renter relocation assistance

May 21

City Council considered affordable housing requirements in developments

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