Redwood City will experience drift smoke due to the Napa fire for the next several days. If you see fire, believe the smoke smell is local, or believe you are in danger, please call 911.

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  • How will the City of Redwood City Police Department enforce cases of drivers under the influence of cannabis?

  • I am concerned about cannabis deliveries in my neighborhood. What type of safeguards in place to regulate cannabis deliveries in Redwood City?

  • How does the AUMA address limiting youth access to cannabis?

  • How does the City support those with cannabis addiction problems?

  • Fair Oaks Community Center

  • Parks, Recreation and Community Services

  • Redwood City Public Library

  • Redwood City 2020 (City Partner)

  • Other Resources

  • Why is the City reviewing the fees?

  • What fees will be impacted?

  • How are the fees determined?

  • Why are fees going up?

  • What happens if the City does not increase the fees?

  • Where can I find more information about how the fees will be changing?

  • How do the proposed fees compare to fees charged in other cities?

  • When will the fee changes go into effect?

  • How do I share my comments?

  • What laws prohibit residential use at Docktown?

  • Has the City been sued regarding the Docktown Plan?

  • What are the next milestones for the pilot program?

  • Question 1: Why was the survey sent out this year?

  • Question 2: How did the City choose these questions?

  • Question 3: What was the survey methodology used?

  • Question 4: How does the City plan to use the survey results?

  • If my phone freezes up, what happens to my request?

  • Where can I make comments on my request and see the comments from others?

  • How do I navigate the app and enter data?

  • I closed the app before I submitted my request - how do I get back to it?

  • I closed the app before I submitted my request - how do I get back to it?

  • Which information is required?

  • How can I save my service request to finish it later?

  • Why does the App show my location as blocks away from where I really am?

  • How can I specify or edit the problem location?

  • How do I add/update my contact information?

  • Are photos required?

  • What can I report via the mobile app?

  • How will I know the appropriate Department received my request?

  • Where does my request go once I send it?

  • Why is it important to give my contact information?

  • Why should I use this app?

  • Will I be charged for using the mobile app?