Can't Find It? Try Link+

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What is LINK+?

LINK+ is a free service which allows Redwood City Public Library customers to borrow books and media not available in our catalog from college and public libraries in California and Nevada. LINK+ is a combined catalog of over 9 million unique items.

NEW! Beginning August, 2016: Customers may now borrow DVDs and CDs through LINK+

How do I search LINK+ ?

      1.  Search LINK+ directly:


       2.  Go to the Library’s catalog: With zero results, the catalog will indicate “No direct matches were found.” A link will be provided to the search in LINK+.

How do I place a request?

  1. Once you have found an item in the catalog, click on the “Request this item” link.

  2. Enter the institution you are affiliated with (Redwood City Public Library)

  3. Enter your name and library card number

  4. Choose your pick-up location

How long does a LINK+ request take?

The time between making a request for an available item and receiving it at the Redwood City Public Library is approximately four days.

What is the maximum number of items I can request at one time?

20 LINK+ transactions (requests and checkouts).