Downtown Parks Site Assessment & Feasabilty Study

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In early 2017, the City Council held a Study Session regarding the implementation of the Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP). Through this discussion, the City Council placed a high priority on implementation to “create a network of great public open spaces”. As a result of City Council direction, staff requested proposals for the preparation of a
Downtown Parks Site Assessment and Feasibility Study for the creation of new downtown parks. A Request for Proposal was released on March 14, 2017 for the study. The City received several responses on May 30, 2017 and three candidates were interviewed. SERA Design and Architecture, Inc. form Portland, Oregon was selected by
the panel.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the feasibility for improvements to City-owned land and its adjacent right-of-way and to provide recommendations for park development and the potential for creating green linear systems and urban recreation corridors that connect the City’s existing and future public open spaces.

Phases of the Study  water

The study is the first step in creating parkland to serve downtown. The study has three phases: site assessment and ranking of sites for downtown parks; preliminary site planning and identification of site improvements and amenities; and recommendations for park development.

Phase 1: November 2017 - March 2018
Phase 2: March - May 2108
Phase 3: May - August 2018

Phase 1 - The site assessment phase will look at the potential of future parks on City-owned property and right-of-way in the general downtown area. The analysis will examine the potential costs of re-purposing the existing parcels, adjacent streets and sidewalks, and in some cases structures. Based on the site assessment, the consultant team will rank which sites are the most feasible for a new park, and recommend to Council the top City-owned sites to go on to the next phase at which point Council shall direct staff regarding community engagement.

Update within Phase 1: City staff presented the site assessment at the March 12 City Council meeting and gained City Council input. The Council selected three sites and directed staff to move forward with community engagement. Staff will return to the City Council in June following launching park pop-ups, an online survey and other outreach. 

Phase 2 - The preliminary site planning and site improvement analysis will study the opportunities and constraints for the construction of parks at each of the preferred location(s), and generate site-specific bubble diagrams and recommendations for the type of improvements. The analysis will also examine the costs of the improvement
options and amenities. In addition, this phase will identify potential improvements for the connectivity of existing and proposed public open spaces in the downtown and the development of urban recreation corridors. This phase of the study will be done in close collaboration with the Parks Department and the Community Development Department.

Phase 3 - The final task considers the comprehensive findings of the previous tasks and provides the final report and presentation with recommendations for park development to the City Council.

Following the study, there will be subsequent urban park and recreation corridor design(s) to reshape and build public space for the purpose of recreation, socialization and community health.

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