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Summer 2017 Camps!
Activity Guide Coming March 2017

We are very excited to bring you another year of fun and learning! Camp is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, make new friends and have a lot of fun! We're gearing up to make this the BEST SUMMER YET! We have many camp offerings, so relax--you don't have to rush to sign-up at the beginning of the year, there are plenty of fun and reliable opportunities for everyone! It's all here in one place: Arts, Crafts, Technology, Engineering, Science, Recreation, Field Trips, Swimming and too many Sports to list! Be sure to take advantage of our 10% off recreation camp deal which will run for a short time!

See you this Summer!

The BEST Deal in Town!

We have all kinds of camps for kids in Redwood City at many different price points. We even have full day camps that include lunch and field trips for a rate of $6 per hour!

Choose Your Own Adventure!

We have Full Day Camps, Half Day Camps, and we also have Bridge Care, After Care and new for this year PRE-CARE (even at Stulsaft Park)! When you read our Activity Guide, you will see two symbols. Each of these symbols signifies that the fun does not have to end when camp ends! Pre-Care, Bridge Care & After Care are run by our staff and give parents extra flexibility in setting up their summer. So whether you need all day care, or just want an extra hour to do what you need to do, we can help!

Pre-Care  sun

Parents, we heard your request! Camps with a sun icon next to them qualify for Pre-Care. Drop your camper off at 8:00am and our early bird staff will bring your camper and check them in to their 9:00am camp. ONLY CAMPS WITH THE DESIGNATED ICON NEXT TO THEM WILL QUALIFY FOR PRE-CARE. Applicable camps are located at Stulsaft Park and on the Red Morton Park Campus only (RMCC, CAB, VMSC, Fields and the Skatepark), June 19-August 11, 2017 only. 

Bridge Care  bridge

Bridge Care is a way for you to customize a camp experience that fits your schedule and your child’s interests. Bridge Care gives the opportunity for parents to add an additional lunch hour to their half day camp OR piece together an AM and PM camp of their choice. Children will be walked from their morning camp options to the Red Morton Community Center where they will eat lunch in an enclosed room and play yard from 12-1pm. Children will then be walked to their afternoon camp option by our staff. Bridge care is designed to offer you flexibility, convenience and provide your child with a variety of opportunities to move, grow, learn and explore specific interests. 

After Care aftercare

Camps with a clock icon next to them qualify for After Care. Our trustworthy staff will pick up campers from their PM camp and walk them to the Red Morton Community Center. Parents, please pick-up your campers by 6pm. Please note: some of our camp providers provide their own after care. Those camps will have the post care listed with the camp description. ONLY CAMPS WITH THE DESIGNATED ICON NEXT TO THEM WILL QUALIFY FOR CARE. Applicable camps are located on the Red Morton Park Campus (RMCC, CAB, VMSC, Fields and the Skatepark).


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