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Redwood City E-News
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Issue #60 ~ August, 2008
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Are You Ready to Take the 10 Gallon Challenge?

As you know, with two straight years of below-average rainfall, low snowmelt runoff, and the driest spring on record for the areas in Northern California that supply most of the state’s water, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proclaimed a statewide drought.

While mandatory water rationing is a real possibility in the near future, at this time Redwood City's water supplier is asking for a voluntary 10% cutback in water use.

You can do your part by taking the 10 Gallon Challenge! If every person uses just 10 gallons less water per day, we will achieve hugely significant water savings.

The great news's really easy to save 10 gallons a day. Take a look at the chart below, select the things YOU will pledge to do, and you'll get in the habit of using less water every day. And, for more great water-saving ideas visit

This is a great, easy way to do your part to save water right now, and help our community to withstand the drought. We'll officially unveil the 10 Gallon Challenge program soon, but in the meantime tell your neighbors!

Take these simple actions...
...and save this much water!*

Run the dishwasher only when full

2 gallons
Don't leave water running while rinsing dishes 5 gallons
Turn off water while brushing teeth (twice daily) 8 gallons
Shorten showers by 2 minutes 5 gallons
Fill the bathtub half full while bathing 18 gallons
Wash only full loads of clothes 15 gallons
Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket (once daily) 1.6 gallons
Fix a leaky faucet 15 gallons
Fix a leaky toilet 30 gallons
Install aerators with flow restrictors on 3 faucets 14 gallons
Use a high-efficiency clothes washer 10 gallons
Use high-efficiency toilets (4 flushes daily) 8 gallons
Use a broom instead of hose to clean driveways and sidewalks (twice weekly) 22 gallons
Water yard before 6 am or after 8 pm 20 gallons
Reduce irrigation cycles by 2 minutes (5 stations, 3 times weekly) 80 gallons
Eliminate one irrigation cycle per week 30 gallons
Adjust sprinklers to avoid overspray onto sidewalks and driveways 20 gallons
Repair pipe leak or broken sprinkler head 20 gallons
Add 2" - 3" of mulch around trees and plants 25 gallons
Install drip watering system 20 gallons
Install "smart" irrigation controller to automatically adjust for weather conditions 40 gallons
Skip washing your car 25 gallons
Replace part of lawn with drought-resistant plants 40 gallons
Repair leaks around pool or spa pumps 20 gallons
Repair leaking hose bibs 20 gallons
Install/replace pool cover 30 gallons
Install/replace spa cover 5 gallons

*Actual water savings from these actions depends on a number of factors, including a household’s water pressure, number of residents, age/efficiency of plumbing devices, size of landscapes and irrigation systems, personal behaviors, etc. These daily estimates for an average household are provided solely as an educational guideline to help the the community understand and appreciate the potential of these actions to help the region save water.


Olympics Opening Ceremonies Telecast Live Downtown

Redwood City is bringing the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics right to our Downtown! The community is invited to join the fun on Friday evening, August 8th as Broadway is transformed into the Beijing Night Market, music and festivities abound, excited crowds gather, and the big screen brings us the opening ceremonies LIVE from Beijing.

The Beijing Night Market Experience will begin at 6 pm with a variety of vendors displaying and selling their wares, which will be typical of a real Chinese marketplace. A free “Lucky Draw” will award a variety of Olympic Souvenirs to lucky winners, courtesy of our sponsors NBC Bay Area and Sing Tao Daily. At the same time, our Music on the Square concert from 6 – 8 pm will feature the upbeat cover band The Cocktail Monkeys, as the crowd gears up for the start of the ceremonies.

Then, the Olympic telecast begins at 8:08 pm LIVE from Beijing, and everyone is invited to enjoy the spectacle and festivities. Special thanks to Comcast for facilitating this telecast.


City/Schools Partner for Safety

As the new school year begins for many schools later this month, the City of Redwood City and the Redwood City School District are joining forces to encourage Safety First when it comes to getting kids to and from school.

Redwood City City and the School District have created an informational web page designed to give parents and caregivers clear guidelines for the most safe and efficient ways to drop off and pick up their kids. The web page, which also contains a wealth of other links and information, is located at

By encouraging safe practices, we also aims to decrease the impact that back-to-school traffic has on neighborhood residents.

The beginning of each school year brings new parents into Redwood City Schools. Often, it takes parents several weeks to become familiar with the best locations and times to drop off/pick up their children. This confusion can create dangerous situations in which children cross the street at unsafe locations, walk between cars, or face increased risks even when crossing at designated crosswalks. Additionally, parents in a hurry sometimes park in bus zones, and in front of private driveways, creating problems for neighbors of the school.

Please take a look and learn the best, safest way to drop off and pick up kids at school, and minimize disruption to the school's neighbors.


Courthouse Square/History Museum Project Wins APWA 2008 Project of the Year

Redwood City’s Downtown renaissance continues to garner awards and recognition, winning the “2008 Project of the Year Award” from the American Public Works Association (APWA) - South Bay Chapter - for the Historic Courthouse and Courthouse Square project.

This award honors the City’s investments and exemplary work on these two downtown projects, which help to foster a community sense of place, to enhance community pride, and to create the City’s comfortable, inviting “outdoor living room.” Courthouse Square features a large, decoratively paved plaza at the foot of the Historic Courthouse. Flanking the central plaza space are two semi-enclosed pavilions, and a series of ornamental fountains featuring water cascading into two basins. The City restored the façade of the Historic Courthouse to bring back its Roman renaissance styling in all its original detail, in honor of the City’s history.


Apply Today for Citizens Police Academy

From forensics to narcotics, auto theft to SWAT teams, and juvenile crime to K9, the 17 th annual Redwood City Citizens Police Academy offers an in-depth, “real life” look at the day-to-day experience of police work. The Academy is a rigorous and exciting 11-week program that is modeled after the State’s curriculum for actual police academies.

Applications are available now for the 2008 session, which starts on September 11th. Interested people can call 780-7102 to have an application sent, or get the application online.

In addition to fascinating “classroom” work featuring expert instructors and a variety of genuine police topics and issues, participants will actually go in the “field.” Here, they’ll get real, hands-on training and experience with live firearms, defensive tactics, and more. All sessions are conducted by veteran police officers and other law enforcement professionals.


Russian Folk Festival Downtown

On Sunday, August 17 at Courthouse Square, from 6 - 8 pm you'll enjoy the wonder of the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival, and its rich, exhilirating blend of music, dance, and spectacle! Vibrant costumes and a talent-filled cast of professionals bring a piece of Russia right to Redwood City!

Russian, Cossack, Ukranian, and Gypsy all come toghether in this one-of-a-kind performance that your family should not miss!

Join the fun on Sunday August 17 at Courthouse Square, 6 to 8 pm.


From Dancing to Shakespeare, All on the Square

How about opportunities for some ridiculously diverse activities and entertainment in Downtown Redwood City?

Dancing? We've got it.

Shakespeare? We've got that too!

Get ready to kick up your heels on Tuesday evenings in August with our free dance series at Courthouse Square - this month it's Country, Ballroom, Funk, and Foxtrot. Join the fun, it's great for absolute beginners, and experts alike. Go online for details about Dancing on the Square each Tuesday in August from 6 - 8 pm.

But maybe instead, you're looking for some classic live theater that includes excitement, love, tragedy, battles, comedy, treachery, mix-ups, and cunning wordplay! Look no further than Redwood City's Shakespeare on the Square!

Sit back and enjoy the Shakespeare classics "Macbeth" on August 23, and "Taming of the Shrew" on August 24. Both plays start at 7 pm, right at Courthouse Square. More info is available online!


Target Family Days - Something for Everyone!

Redwood City and Target Stores are proud to present Target Family Days, a series of FREE family activities in Downtown Redwood City from noon to 4 pm, centered on Courthouse Square and Theatre Way.

The next Target Family Day is Saturday August 10, with a Hawaiian Theme, and featuring live music by Ledward Kaapana and Mike Kaawa!

Families will also enjoy Hawaiian Dance Instruction, Halao Demonstrations, and Fresh Flower Lei-Making. Everyone can learn to cook Hawaiian specialty family friendly dishes. There will be hands-on art projects, free face painting, food & drink, bounce houses & more!

The surrounding streets will be closed to through traffic, making a family outing in Downtown an even more safe, fun, and gratifying experience for everyone.

And don't forget to put this summer's final Target Family Days on your calendar:

  • September 14 - Caribbean Theme


Save These Date for September...

It's not too early to think about September's schedule, and here are a couple of key calendar items:

  • Saturday, September 6 at 10 am and all day - the Grand Opening of the new Redwood Shores Branch Library, 399 Marine Parkway.

  • Saturday, September 27 from 9 am to noon, it's the New General Plan Community Workshop/Forum at the History Museum and Courthouse Square.

More details are coming!




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