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Smoke Alarm Program

The Redwood City Fire Department’s Smoke Alarm Program in partnership with Rebuilding Together Peninsula works to increase the number of residences with working smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms more than double a person’s chance of surviving a fire. Components of the smoke alarm program include workshops and a free installation program provided by Rebuilding Together Peninsula. To receive a free smoke alarm and installation, please fill out the form on the reverse, and mail to Rebuilding Together Peninsula. 

For questions about fire safety or the smoke alarm installation program, contact us:

Redwood City Fire Department
Location: 755 Marshall St., Redwood City, CA 94063 
Phone (650) 780-7400

Rebuilding Together Peninsula
Location: 841 Kaynyne Street, Redwood City, CA 94026 
Phone (650) 366-6597

Home Fire Safety Starts with YOU!

Why should my home have smoke alarms?

  • Most fire deaths are caused by smoke – not flames
  • Most fire deaths and injuries occur between midnight and 8 a.m. when families are asleep
  • Seconds count! You only have minutes to escape a house fire
  • The earlier a smoke alarm alerts you to a fire, the more likely you will get out alive

Where do I install smoke alarms?

  • On each level of your home
  • Outside each sleeping area
  • Inside each bedroom

How do I keep my smoke alarm working?

  • Test smoke alarms monthly
  • Vacuum smoke alarms regularly to remove dust and cobwebs
  • Never disconnect or remove smoke alarm batteries for other uses
  • Ionization powered with 10 year batteries – replace the entire unit every 8-10 years
  • Photoelectric and combination – replace the batteries at least once per year, and replace the entire unit every 8-10 years
  • Hard-wired with battery backup – replace batteries at least once per year, and replace the entire unit every 8-10 years

What if I have a false alarm?

  • Do not disable smoke alarms activated by cooking or other non-fire causes
  • Use the smoke alarm’s hush feature if available
  • Open windows and doors to clear smoke from your home

Other safety messages

  • Have a fire escape plan; teach the kids; and, practice, practice, practice. Utilize good home fire safety practices, such as heater safety, cooking safety, electrical safety, etc.




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