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Make Your Gallons Count
Current Totals*
Total Pledges: 79
Amount Saved:10625 gallons per day

It's Easy to do Your Part to Save Water!

Take a few minutes and pledge to Make Your Gallons COUNT! and find out how much water you can save every day. The need to conserve water continues to be very important and we must establish sustainable habits now to ensure an adequate water supply for the future.

Pledge to Save Water and Make a Difference

Water Drop In 2009 Redwood City used about 3.4 Billion gallons of water. If every person in our community pledges to save just 10 gallons of water every day we can achieve incredible water savings, and with a population over 80,000 that would be around 300 million gallons per year or 8.5% of all the water Redwood City used in 2009.

Saving Water Can Save You Money!

If you were to make multiple pledges in the chart below you could save dozens of gallons every day. In one month that could add up to hundreds of gallons and thousands of gallons in a year. That kind of savings would greatly benefit our community and your pocket book too. You could save money each month on water charges.

Make a Pledge Now!

Gallon Count Man You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to save water by changing just a few water wasting habits. Take a look at the chart below, select the things you’ll pledge to do, and you'll get in the habit of using less water every day. Make your Pledge, and you can print a Water Saver Certificate, and your water savings will be added to our running total. The more water you save, the more you benefit our community, our environment, and our future water supply, so see how many ways you can save water!

Visit Redwood City’s Water Conservation Webpage for more ideas and tips on how to be water wise throughout your house, your yard, and your place of business. This is a great, easy way to do your part to save water right now, and help our community to be prepared to endure future. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to join you in Making Your Gallons COUNT!   

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Indoor Conservation (daily savings*)
Run the dishwasher only when full 2 gallons
Not leave water running while rinsing dishes 5 gallons
Turn off water while brushing teeth (twice daily) 8 gallons
Shorten showers by 2 minutes (once daily) 5 gallons
Fill the bathtub half full while bathing 18 gallons
Not use the toilet as a wastebasket (once daily) 1.6 gallons
Wash only full loads of clothes 15 gallons
Fix a leaky faucet (get a water conservation kit) 15 gallons
Fix a leaky toilet (get a water conservation kit) 30 gallons
Install aerators with flow restrictors on kitchen/bathroom faucets (3) 14 gallons
Purchase a new, more efficient clothes washer (rebate information) 10 gallons
Replace old, non-efficient toilet with new low-flush toilet (4 flushes daily) (rebate information) 8 gallons
Indoor Conservation Total: 0 gallons

Outdoor Conservation (daily savings*)
Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks (twice weekly) 22 gallons
Water yard before 6 a.m. or after 8 p.m. 20 gallons
Reduce overwatering by reducing irrigation cycles by 2 minutes (5 irrigation stations, watering three times weekly) 80 gallons
Reduce overwatering by eliminating one irrigation cycle per week 30 gallons
Adjust sprinklers to reduce overspray onto sidewalks, driveways, etc. 30 gallons
Repair pipe leak or broken sprinkler head (1) 20 gallons
Add mulch (2"-3") around trees and plants (1,000 sq. ft.) 25 gallons
Install water-efficient drip irrigation system 20 gallons
Install a "smart irrigation controller" that adjusts for temperature and precipitation 40 gallons
Not leave hose running while washing my car (10 minutes, once a week) 18 gallons
Replace part of my lawn or water-intensive plants with native or California Friendly plants (1,000 sq. ft) 40 gallons
Repair any leaks around pool or spa pumps (1) 20 gallons
Repair any leaking hose bibs 20 gallons
Install a pool cover to reduce evaporation 30 gallons
Install spa cover to reduce evaporation 5 gallons
Outdoor Conservation Total: 0 gallons

You are pledging to conserve 0 gallons a day!

* Actual water savings depend on many factors, including water pressure, number of residents, age/efficiency of plumbing devices, landscape, irrigation systems, and others. These daily estimates for an average household are provided only as a guideline to help understand the potential water savings of taking these actions.


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