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G.R. Cress Bird Bath Project - Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the budget?

    The G.R. Cress Bird Bath Fund contains approximately $1,000,000 for bird bath projects and approximately $100,000 set aside for maintenance. We are expecting to spend $10,000 to $50,000 per birdbath. We will be looking for value in the submissions in addition to the overall cost. We do not expect to use the entire amount for 2008 projects.

2) What are the sites?

    Several sites have been approved throughout Redwood City. Most of the sites are in Redwood City public parks, a few are located in the downtown area, and one or two are located in neighborhood settings. A map of the sites, complete with markers and photos, is available via Google Maps. Additional sites may be added to this list as they are approved.

    We anticipate that artists will want to develop works for particular sites and we will try to approve pieces for the sites for which they were designed. There may, however, be instances where we want the art, but want it for an alternative site (due to the environment, scale, requirements, or the availability of the site). Please let us know if your submission should only be considered for a specific site.

    List of Approved Sites:

    1. Shorebird Park #1 (in the circle)
    2. Shorebird Park #2 (at the end of the treewalk)
    3. Dove Beeger Park (in the clearing on the right side)
    4. Stulsaft Park #1 (back parking lot)
    5. Stulsaft Park #2 (Side entrance)
    6. Stulsaft Park #3 (mound adjacent to playing field)
    7. Traffic Circle at Hopkins/Broadway
    8. Traffic Circle at Brewster/Nevada
    9. Traffic Circle at Brewster/Hillview
    10. Downtown Post Office Paseo #1 (northwest corner on Jefferson)
    11. Downtown Post Office Paseo #2 (southeast corner facing parking area)

    We do not expect to fill all of these sites from this call-for-artists.

3) How many submissions will be accepted?

    Our goal for this particular call-for-artists is to commission and install three works. We have room to accept more or less depending on the submissions we received.

4) Is water and/or power available?

    Water and/or power can be provided or installed at most sites. Please state clearly if your piece requires power and/or water.

5) What exactly constitutes a bird bath?

    Our requirement is that the art work contain some sort of basin where a bird can drink and/or bathe. This can be the focal point of the piece or it can be an aside.

6) Who was G.R. Cress and why birdbaths?

    G.R. Cress was a Redwood City resident who loved birds. When he passed away in 2002, he left his estate to the city of Redwood City with instructions that the funds be used for birdbaths. Additional information can be found online.

7) What should my submission include?

  • Conceptual description of the proposed piece
  • Physical description of the proposed piece - dimensions, physical attributes, how it meets requirements, etc.
  • Sketch or Illustration of proposed piece.
  • Itemized budget
  • Proposed site and requirements - water/power/foundation needs - Are you open to having your work approved for an alternate site if your primary site is not available?
  • Proposed timeline including milestones and possible time conflicts. If your work is not immediately selected, are you open to having your piece accepted at a later date?
  • Estimated maintenance requirements and lifespan of work.
  • Something to convince us that the artist can execute the proposed piece - resume, portfolio, past works, references
  • Contact information
    Soft copies are preferred (save a tree) and should be emailed to publicart (at) by October 1st, 2007.

8) What are the selection criteria?

  • The submission itself is adequate enough for the selection committee to understand and judge the project
  • Piece is creative, unique, and aesthetically pleasing
  • The piece is appropriate for the Redwood City community and fits the proposed site
  • Evidence that the artist can execute the commissioned work with high quality
  • Work is durable as outdoor public art and the expected maintenance of work is within reason

9) What other issues should I consider?

  • Viewer interaction?
  • How to avoid mosquito breeding
  • Public safety
  • Theft Prevention
  • Maintenance

10) What is the selection process? When will I know if my work has been selected?

  • Oct 1st: Submission deadline
  • Oct 10th: Complete Initial Review by Public Art Subcommittee of the Civic Cultural Commission
  • Oct 25th: First round of finalists selected by Bird Bath review panel
  • Nov 1st: First opportunity for approval by Civic Cultural Commission
    Artists will be contacted approximately a month after the submission deadline with an update on the status of their submission.
    Depending on the site, approval by all interested parties may take some time.
    Schedule subject to change.

11) Where can I get answers to my other questions?

  • Send an email to publicart (at) by October 1st, 2007.

Last updated 5/3/2007



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