Public Art Process

Redwood City Public Art Program

(Version 1.0 - approved on 9/4/08)

  1. Develop project plan

    1. Define intent

    2. Define and prioritize goals

    3. Define scope

    4. Define budget and funding source

    5. Define known stakeholders

  2. Approval of project plan

    1. Approval of project plan by Civic Cultural Commission

    2. Communication with other stakeholders

  3. Site selection

    1. Compose site selection criteria

    2. Identify sites

    3. Selection of site

    4. Determine additional stakeholders

    5. Draft recommendation of site (include criteria, site plan, photo, evaluation of criteria)

    6. Approval of site plan by Civic Cultural Commission

    7. Approval of site plan by other stakeholders

  4. Art Selection

    1. See “Art Selection Process”

  5. Art Approval

    1. Draft recommendation of selected art (include project plan, site plan, art selection, mockup, impact to site, statement of compatibility, etc)

    2. Approval of art selection by Civic Cultural Commission

    3. Artist communication – selection, rejection notices

    4. Communication with other stakeholders

  6. City Review Process for Public Art

    1. Draft plans (Architectural, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing)

    2. Community outreach/notification if with 100 yards or line of sight of homes

    3. Presentation to the following committees:

      1. Plan Review Committee (PRC) & Redevelopment

      2. Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

      3. Historic Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) if applicable

      4. Planning Commission (if recommendation from HRAC)

      5. City Council for final approval

  7. Agreement with artist

    1. Determine requirements of artist (installation, warranty, parts)

    2. Clearly document who is doing what and when

    3. Negotiation of timeline and payment schedule

    4. Approval of contract by City Attorney (Vara Waiver)

    5. Sign Contract

    6. Communication with other stakeholders

  8. Installation

    1. Obtain Permits

    2. Accept into city inventory

Art Selection – Basic Process

  1. Develop art/artist selection criteria

  2. Develop art/artist selection process

  3. Find art/artist(s)

  4. Select art/artist based on process and criteria

  5. Due Diligence - Check references

Art Selection – RFQ Process

  1. Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

    1. Develop project requirements

    2. Develop artist selection criteria & artist selection processes

    3. Determine timeline and deadlines

    4. Draft RFQ

    5. Approval of RFQ by Civic Cultural Commission

    6. Posting of RFQ on city website (staff)

    7. Promotion of RFQ

    8. Artist communication - question answering

  2. Selection Committee

    1. Compose selection committee qualifications and requirements

    2. Find qualified and able selection committee volunteers

  3. Process Submissions

    1. Receipt and download of RFQ

    2. Artist communication – confirm receipt & status updates

    3. Organization & distribution of artist qualifications

  4. Artist Selection

    1. Select artist finalists based on artist selection criteria (selection committee)

    2. Due Diligence - Check references

    3. Artist communication – selection, rejection notices

  5. Request for Proposal (RFP)

    1. Develop proposal selection criteria & proposal selection process

    2. Draft RFP

    3. Artist communication – RFP

    4. Artist communication – dialog of needs/wants with each artist

    5. Receipt and download of RFP

    6. Artist communication – confirm receipt & status updates

    7. Organization & distribution of proposals

  6. Proposal Selection

    1. Select pieces based on proposal selection criteria (selection committee)