Strategic Plan for the

Civic Cultural Commission Public Art Subcommittee

(Version 1.0 - Approved 3/12/09 by CCC)


The Public Art Subcommittee of the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission advocates, brokers, facilitates, sponsors, and provides public art, public art documentation, and public art processes for Redwood City.


The Mandates for the Civic Cultural Commission’s Public Art Subcommittee stem from three places.

  1. Section 2.113 of the Redwood City city code establishes the Civic Cultural Commission. Among other responsibilities, it tasks us with acquiring art, managing of our public art inventory, establishing visual arts programs, participating in the aesthetics of development, and getting involved with any matter affecting the beauty and culture of Redwood City.

  2. The Redwood City Cultural Element outlines many cultural goals and proposals for the City of Redwood City, many of which the Civic Cultural Commission attempts to accomplish. Particular to public art are the goals of integrating aesthetic qualities into city planning, promoting the appreciation and involvement of creative arts by citizens, providing opportunities for local artists, and developing and strengthening programs. Moreover, the cultural element proposes that we seek out ways to add public art in the community and that we encourage artwalks.

  3. The Civic Cultural Commission’s Strategic Plan outlines the significance of art in our city and states the goal of investment in public art. It also suggests that we be an advocate, broker, sponsor, and provider.


  1. Provide public art

  2. Solidify the Redwood City Public Art Program

  3. Public Art Communication

  4. Facilitate, broker, and sponsor public art

Details and Ideas for Accomplishing Goals

  1. Provide Public Art

    1. Establish programs

      1. G.R. Cress Bird Bath Project
    2. Other possible programs:

      1. Downtown Mural / Mosaic Program

      2. Adopt a Utility Box

      3. Temporary/Rotating Public Art Space

  1. Redwood City Public Art Program

    1. Prioritize ideas

    2. Formalize process, values, criteria, policy

    3. Develop projects/programs for our top ideas

    4. Seek funding for public art

      1. Seek funding from the city to support the public art program

      2. Write grants for our art programs

      3. Collaborate with other local arts organizations to get funding

      4. Other sources
    5. Advocate for public art

      1. Ensure that public art be considered for new development/redevelopment

        1. Attend planning commission / architectural review

        2. Talk to developers

      2. Participate in city planning to make public art a priority

      3. Attend meetings of other arts organizations

    6. Formalize documentation of public art collection

  1. Communication

    1. Encourage grant requests for public art

    2. Collaborate with local artists and art organizations

    3. Website and/or publications

      1. Public art program

      2. Document our public art projects

      3. Document public (and publicly viewable) art (map? tour?)

      4. Provide form for community input

    4. Seek funding

    5. Create a public art mailing list

    6. Include City Council, other commissions, community, and stakeholders

  1. Facilitate / Broker / Sponsor public art

    1. Establish public art contacts and resources

    2. Be a resource for the city and developers

      1. Bring mutually beneficial art programs to city attention (i.e. Phantom Galleries)

      2. Improve our local events by adding art (i.e. Art on the Square)

      3. Make Art in New Development easy by offering resources and making suggestions.

    3. Help make community driven public art projects happen

    4. Be a steward of the public art fund.