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Historic Resources Advisory Committee Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on July 10, 2003

PRESENT: Bursak, Cloud, LoCoco, Munro, Paulson, Pellizer, and Chairman Rolandelli
STAFF: Bonte, Jany
GUEST: Debbi Jones-Thomas

M/S Pellizer/ Lococo The minutes of the Special Meeting of June 2, 2003 were approved

M/S Cloud/Pellizer The minutes of the meeting of June 12, 2003 were approved with the following change:

Michael Bursak indicated that in Item #4, that the major increase in insurance for the building at 142 Stambaugh Street is not due to an increase in the premium, but a higher premium from switching to another insurer.

1). Welcome to new HRAC members

James Munro introduced himself to the Committee members and described his background. He was born in Redwood City and attended Sequoia High School. His family background in the area goes back to the late nineteenth century. Mr. Munro has served on the Union Cemetery Association and the Archives Committee.

Jean Cloud mentioned that someone wants to make a book about the history of Redwood City that would include pictures from the archives.

2). Incentives Program for historic preservation: Debbi Jones-Thomas

Chairman Rolandelli briefly described the handouts that Debbi Jones-Thomas passed out to the Committee members at the June 12 HRAC meeting. The committee discussed the five proposed options as indicated on the blue sheet handout. Ms. Jones-Thomas mentioned two properties that would be considered for funding; one was at 601 Cedar Street, and the other was an owner-occupied property on Beech Street. She indicated that in the case of Option #1, the Historic Loan Program, that Options #4 (low-income owner-occupied properties) and #5 (low-income rental properties) would automatically be included. She suggested that two or three options be considered.
Ms. Jones-Thomas said that under Option #1, a $25,000 loan was available to the owner. She said that for low-income owner-occupied dwellings, the owners could get the paint program in Option #2 or #3, and a test for lead paint content, and may be eligible to receive $10,000 for lead paint abatement.

There was discussion among the Committee on each of the options and the advantages and drawbacks of each one.

Michael Bursak suggested that if an owner is not low-income, they should be able to afford to keep up their property. Ms. Jones-Thomas said that what qualifies for low-income is up to $90,000 per year for a family of four. She also added that the options listed on the blue sheet are driven by funding availability.

The Committee continued discussing the proposed options and their possible relation with the Mills Act.

A motion was made by Julia Pellizer to approve Option #1 (which would automatically activate Options #4 and #5), but there was no second. The Committee members briefly read over the blue sheet to clarify Option #1.

M/S Paulson/Pellizer Hilary Paulson made the motion on the table again to approve Option #1 along with Options #4 and #5. Motion carried.

Michael Bursak described the three categories of historic properties that would be eligible for these incentives as indicated by the Options; (A) Officially designated properties; (B) Properties on the existing Inventory that can be considered eligible subject to further review; and (3) Properties that are not on the Inventory that may be eligible for inventory that would be classified as Category ‘B’ if eligible. Chairman Rolandelli then brought up the restrictions with regard to the maintenance agreement.

M/S Bursak/Pellizer Maintenance Agreement for the term of the loan, or a Mills Act agreement for Category ‘A’ properties. Motion carried.

There was discussion of Options #2 (Free paint program, materials only) and Options #3 (Free paint program, materials & labor). Chairman Rolandelli said that there are funding constraints, and said that the Committee should have control over the types of colors that are appropriate for historic structures to qualify for the paint program.

M/S Paulson/Pellizer; To approve Option #2 (Free paint program, materials only) with the requirement that the HRAC review paint colors based on the historic palette. Motion carried.

Ms. Jones-Thomas said money should be set aside for this. She would try to set up a program with the caveat that any proposals go through the HRAC. She said she would bring a specific program to the Committee for its review.

3). 601 Cedar Street (the Rolla House), 601 (Stambaugh Street (the King House)

Charles Jany described the background of this project. Debbi Jones-Thomas said Peninsula Covenant Church had provided documentation on both properties, and that when the information was transferred to the Loan Committee review form, that information from 601 Cedar and 601 Stambaugh Streets were listed on the same application. The inconsistency created by this did not give the applicant a fair representation of the merits of the project, therefore the application was pulled and not reviewed by the Loan Committee. She said she would not be dealing with the King House, and that the repair of the Queen Ann House (the Rolla House) is more defensible. The scope of work approved by the HRAC for the Queen Ann House is the scope of work that will be pursued. She said that the Redevelopment budget has funds to operate this program. She said that the Queen Anne House will go before the Home Improvement Committee. Michael Bursak asked if the loans would be used as a revolving fund. Ms. Jones-Thomas said that some kind of revolving fund would be established.

4). Mayor’s Beautification Awards

Chairman Rolandelli asked the Committee if there were any nominations for the Mayor’s Beautification Award, but there were none.

5). CLG Training

Chairman Rolandelli reminded the Committee that the CLG workshop will be held on Thursday, September 25 in Vallejo. Hilary Paulson, Michael Bursak, Jean Cloud and Chairman Rolandelli said they were going to go. Julia Pelizer, David LoCoco and James Munro said they might go, but weren’t sure at this time. Charles Jany said he would see if he could get a van.

6). Update of Historic Resources Element; Redwood City General Plan

Chairman Rolandelli said that the Committee will be holding a Special Meeting on this item. Gary Bonte said that he wants to have a rough draft of the updated General Plan text ready by the end of the year, and suggested that the Committee meet some time in August.

7). San Mateo County Courthouse Restoration and Annex Update

Chairman Rolandelli said that a consultant has been hired to look at the design of the Courthouse Plaza area, make recommendations and get public input. Michael Bursak said he heard that the stump of the original flagpole was located in the basement of the annex portion of the County Courthouse.

8). Possible Historic Status for Jansing Apartment building and other older apartment buildings

Jean Cloud said she had tried to get hold of Mr. Jansing, but when she tried to contact him by phone, there was no answer. Mr. Munro mentioned another older apartment building at #1 Duane Street that was built by Mark Ryan, former Redwood City Fire Chief.

9). Potential Properties for Historic District and/or Historic Landmark designation

Chairman Rolandelli read off some of the properties from the list of Potential Properties. Jean Cloud said she would look at one of the properties, a colonial house on the corner of Hopkins Avenue and Grand Street. Mr. Munro showed photos of the old Huling Hospital building (that is now a residence) on Rutherford Avenue (which is now in the County). The hospital was originally located along Woodside Road, but was relocated when Woodside Road was widened in the mid-sixties.

There was some discussion as to what the HRAC should do with regard to the Potential Properties shown on the list. Chairman Rolandelli said that the Committee could add other properties to the list if they want. David LoCoco said that the old Otis Carrington House at 1800 Whipple Avenue could qualify for landmark status, particularly since the property was just sold. Charles Jany reminded the Committee that this would be for landmark status, not qualification for the Mills Act.

Hilary Paulson said that if the Downtown Cinema proves to be successful, many of the nearby historic properties could be endangered.

M/S Paulson/Pellizer To create a Historic District by designating 114 Stambaugh Street, the William P. Jamieson Building (901 Main Street), 917-921 Main Street, Sunshine Grocery Store (929 Main Street), and Flynn’s Ford Agency & Garage (935 Main Street). Motion carried

Mr. Munro asked what would be involved after these properties are designated for landmark status. Charles Jany instructed Gary Bonte to send Mr. Munro a copy of the Main Street Historic District.

There was some discussion as to how Historic District Boundaries could be established and the criteria for determining these boundaries and how non-contributing properties are incorporated into historic districts.

M/S Paulson/Pellizer: To amend the previous Motion and to create a new Historic District to include Flynn’s Ford Agency and Garage (935 Main Street), Dessin Bros. – Barnbauer Motors (1101 Main Street), 114 Stambaugh Street, William P. Jamieson Building (901 Main Street), 917 – 921 Main Street, Sunshine Grocery (929 Main Street) plus the Dielman House, the Offerman House (1018 Main Street), Forester’s Hall, and the Fire House/Library. Motion carried.

M/S LoCoco/Paulson: To also designate as individual Historic Landmarks the Clifton Motor Company at 847-849 Main Street, Flynn’s Ford Agency and Garage at 935 Main Street, and the Otis Carrington House. Motion carried

10). Main Street Historic District Update: Status of SHPO and NPS Certification

Gary Bonte said he would take black white photos of the District buildings, since certification requires black and white rather than color photos.

11). Historic Resources Inventory Update

There is currently nothing new on this item.

12). State Landmark Highway Directional Signs for Union Cemetery

Julia Pellizer said that she has contacted CalTrans, but has not yet received a return phone call.

13). Missing Artifacts from Mezes Plaza site

Ms. Pellizer said she talked to Michael O’Brien. He was originally going to bring the Inventory of artifacts on Friday, July 11, but will bring them in on Monday, July 14. There was discussion of how to avoid the problem of missing artifacts in the future, along with documenting them. Ms. Pellizer said that Mr. O’Brien was storing the artifacts at one of his properties.

Charles Jany said that he still has boxes from the 500 Arguello Street excavation, and asked what should be done with them. Michael Bursak mentioned a commercial storage company in San Francisco who might store the artifacts for relatively low cost.

14). Emeritus status for Joanne Thompson

Charles Jany said that he talked with the City Attorney who said that the Planning Commission would needs to approve the emeritus status subject to recommendation by the HRAC.

M/S Pellizer/Bursak to grant Emeritus status to Joanne Thompson. Motion carried.

15). Results of Architectural Treasure Hunt

Julia Pellizer showed all five of the entries for this year’s Architectural Treasure Hunt. She said that even though there were only five entries, it is a 200% increase over last year’s entries. A drawing was made of the top three winners:

First Place: Danielle Lucienne
Second Place: Sarah Stowell
Third Place: Sarah Morgan

16). Funds/grants available for Dick ‘n’ Dale’s sign

Charles Jany said that Norman Gilbert of Fast Signs came in to see him and said that he wants to get the Dick ‘n’ Dale’s sign in working order, but that it needs a lot of work. He mentioned that it costs a considerable sum of money to get a neon sign in working order. There was discussion among the Committee as to what funding sources might be available.

17). Communications

Michael Bursak showed copies of the thank-you letters to the people and businesses that donated to the Historic Preservation Week activities. He asked if all of those involved in these activities received thank-you letters acknowledging their participation. Chairman Rolandelli said they had.

Charles Jany mentioned that the two properties in the Franklin Area are threatened. These properties are 127 Franklin Street and 103 Wilson Street.

M/S LoCoco/Pellizer

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 P.M. to re-convene at the regularly scheduled meeting on August 14, 2003 at Redwood City Hall Council Chambers, 1017 Middlefield Road, Redwood City.




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