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Historic Resources Advisory Committee Minutes

Minutes for the Meeting on June 10, 2004
City Council Chambers
7:30 p.m.


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Munro, H. Paulson , Chair Rolandelli; M. Bursak and J. Pellizer, and D. Lococo



M/S: (Paulson/Pellizer) to approve the Minutes as submitted.
Motion Passed with one abstention (Committee Member Lococo)


Roll Call
Chair Rolandelli inquired about Mrs. Jean Cloud. Staff said that Mrs. Cloud had to undergo a second operation, and would be in Sequoia Hospital Rehabilitation (Room 52) until Saturday, June 12, 2004. All wished her well.

226 Edgewood Road, Cottage Alteration
The Committee discussed the relationship between the main house and the proposed alterations to the accessory structure/cottage. After a brief presentation from Mr. Jesse Guerse, Architect for Property Owners, the following general comments (which were made by the Committee) included support for the proposed siding and roofing improvements; however, the Committee felt that the proposed elevations were too elaborate and cluttered for the accessory structure, and that the main landmark should remain as the focus. Simplification of the architectural vocabulary should include the shed roofs, the Doric Columns, and fenestration.

Action on this item was continued to a special on-site meeting, subject to the Applicants providing photos and/or research records for the subject structure.

Alhambra Theater and Ballroom: Mills Act Discussion
Mr. John Anagnostou, Property Owner, presented his plans to bring back the historic theater and ballroom, and confirmed his intent to rebuild the building (after significant fire damage) as close as possible to the 1896 interior plans.

Discussion followed regarding the removal and relocation of the original bathrooms, as well as, window repair. Any changes shall be submitted for review by the HRAC, prior to reconstruction.
Mr. Anagnostou expressed his concern regarding the 3rd floor windows, which needed to be made safe.

Mr. Anagnostou also expressed his concerns about the parking requirements for reconstruction work of all historic buildings in the Downtown, as well as the potential re-assessments at the time of the building permit.

The Committee concluded that, in the event that the reconstruction did not trigger a re-assessment, a Mills Act contract would not be beneficial to Mr. Anagnostou.

National Preservation Week Update Recap
Chair Rolandelli reported that the event was a complete success, and included close to 500 7th grade students who toured three landmark properties and were fed lunch. The Committee thanked everyone involved, including Mr. Anagnostou, for their support.

Mr. Anagnostou replied that he wanted to see this event “grow” (i.e., 500 students to 5,000 students).

Chair Rolandelli explained that because of School budget cuts, the transportation of the children was the controlling factor, and that a grant could be made available in the future.

Properties for Historic District and/or Historic Landmark Designation
Staff reported that this item (Carrington House) would possibly be going before the Planning Commission sometime in July.

Committee Member Lococo said he would be working on preparing the proposed Landmark District Boundaries .

Historic Resources Inventory update
Staff reported that the IT Department is still working on converting the database.

Main Street Historic District update; Status of SHPO and NPS Certification
Staff reported, that a third version of the Main Street Document containing black & white original prints was sent to SHPO by certified mail, last week. Staff thanked the Committee for their patience throughout this process.

Historic Courthouse project update, EIR process
The Committee discussed the “Notice of Preparation” for the EIR involving the Courthouse Façade Restoration and Plaza Project. The Committee expressed concerns regarding any potential misrepresentation of the project details, including the portico steps. Staff explained that Circa Consultants are working closely with SHPO to insure that such concerns be addressed.

The Committee requested that Staff set up a brief meeting with the Consultant to clarify this matter.

Committee Member Paulson reported that the next Planning Commission meeting Tuesday, June 15, 2004, will be a Study Session on Office Conversions, and that the next General Plan Update will be at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29, 2004, at the Peninsula Covenant Church.

M/S: (Pellizer/Bursak) to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m., to reconvene at its next regular meeting of July 8, 2004, 7:30 p.m. in City Hall Council Chamber.



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