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Library Board Minutes July 9, 2003

Redwood City Public Library
Board of Trustees Minutes
July 9, 2003

Trustees Present: P. Taviss, K. Douglas, and B. James

Trustee(s) Absent: U. Ferguson

Staff Present: Division Manager L. Hedges, Senior Information Technology Analyst S. Bauer, and Administrative Services D. Wong

Other Staff Present: Human Resources Director Maria Rivera-Peña, Senior Human Resources Representative Ray Williams, and SEIU Steward M. Spore-Alhadef

Guest Present: F. Ludwig and L. Rumley


Trustee Taviss called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm in the Small Meeting Room of the Main Library.


SEIU Steward Spore-Alhadef had several comments: one was a question about the warrants and the other was a comment about including line staff in the selection process for a new library director.

On motion by Trustee Douglas, seconded by Trustee Taviss, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of June 11th.

On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Douglas, the Board unanimously approved the payment of warrants # 7695 to # 7773 and the payment of usual and necessary invoices through July 9th.

At the invitation of Trustee Taviss, two members of the local community attended the meeting. Trustee Taviss introduced Lorraine Rumley and Francis Ludwig as possible members for the selection team for hiring a new library director. Ms. Rumley is a member of the Sequoia Union High School District Governing Board. Mr. Ludwig is a consulting professor at Stanford in civil and environmental engineering and former Library Board member. Mr. Ludwig had also participated in the selection process for the previous Library Director approximately six years ago.
Human Resources Director Rivera-Peña and Senior Human Resources Rep. Williams reviewed a list of possible consultants with the Board. They discussed the pros and cons of each consultant. On behalf of the Board, HR Director Rivera-Peña will work with the consultant for a more favorable fee. HR will not charge the Library for their time but the Library must pay for the reference checks of potential candidates. HR Director Peña noted that there is no probationary period for department heads, as they are at will without any probation period (unlike other City employees).

On motion by Trustee Douglas, seconded by Trustee James, the Board unanimously approved Hughes Perry & Associates as the consultant for the selection process for a new Library Director. Future discussions of the selection process will be handled between HR and the Board Ad Hoc Committee or in closed Board session(s).

The Board reviewed the summarized, library-wide expenditure reports for May 2003. The June 2003 reports were not yet available in time for the Board Meeting.

Sr. Info. Technology Analyst S. Bauer requested approval for two purchase orders that were over $10,000, one for computer supplies for approximately $13,000 and the other for two self-check machines for approximately $48,000. On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Douglas, the Board unanimously approved expenditures for the two purchase orders.

Admin. Sec. Wong gave a staff report on the status of the public elevator since the Board approved restricting access three months ago on a trial basis. Restricting access has been successful with no reported incidences of vandalism. The Library management team recommended extending the restriction indefinitely. On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Douglas, the Board unanimously approved restricting public elevator access indefinitely.

Reports by J. Averill and K. Bicknell were distributed to the Board detailing what they did and what they learned from attending the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference recently.

In light of budget reduction concerns, Div. Mgr. Hedges reviewed the previously approved Library Closure Dates for 2003 with the Board. The Library Managers recommended delaying the staff education day to a future date and to remain open for regular hours on October 13, 2003. The Board believes that staff development and education is very important. They want the staff to know that the Board recognizes, values and supports the staff. Trustee Taviss motioned, with Trustee Douglas seconding, for the Library to remain open for regular hours on October 13, 2003 and that staff education day be postponed at this time.

The Board expressed concern with the delays in City Council appointment interviews for the Boards and Commissions. In this case, the Board may have two vacancies with the expiration of Trustee Taviss' term in August and the retirement of Trustee Santos this last June. Trustee Taviss has applied for reappointment and Trustee Santos has agreed to come back and serve on the Board until such time as new Board members are either appointed or reappointed in either August of September. Meanwhile Trustee Taviss mentioned that she asked City Clerk Howe to include the Library on a list for City volunteer opportunities that is sent out to prospective Boards and Commissions applicants.

Div. Mgr. Hedges reviewed the monthly highlights for June with the Board. Trustee Taviss congratulated the staff for the very timely manner in which "Harry Potter" books were made available, in response to very high demand, to the public. Trustee Taviss also congratulated Resource Development C. LaRiviere on being awarded a grant from the Peninsula Community Foundation for the Library Foundation Retreat and their upcoming newsletter.

The Board reviewed the list of upcoming Library events and noted that the next City Council Meeting is on July 14, 2003. The Board has been encouraging people to come to City Council meetings in support of the Library.


Div. Mgr. Hedges reviewed recent letters of appreciation, news clippings and articles with the Board.


There being no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 8:54 p.m. to Wednesday, August 13 at 7:00 pm in the Small Meeting Room of the Main Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Billy James, Interim Secretary


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