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Library Board Minutes Zachary Sweeney

Zachary Sweeney

Trustees Present: K. Douglas, U. Ferguson, B. James, R. Madrigal, and Z. Sweeney

Staff Present: Interim Library Director M. Kramer, Division Manager S. Bauer, and Administrative Services D. Wong

Trustee Douglas called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm in the Small Meeting Room of the Main Library.

An updated picture of the Board is needed for the library's website. Pictures were taken at several sites within the main library.

Trustee Douglas noted that a public comment made at a prior meeting about the need for library director candidates to have an MLS (Masters of Library Science) degree was addressed in the library director job brochure. She observed that the brochure reads, "the City (also) desires the following:

  • Five years of increasingly responsible experience in professional public library administration and
  • Possession of a Master of Library Science degree from an accredited college or university"

The Board welcomed Trustee Madrigal and brief introductions were made.

Trustee Douglas asked that SEIU and RCMEA be added to the last sentence of the section on Recruitment Process for a New Library Director (in the minutes from the previous meeting) such that the amended minutes will read as follows:

"Generally, everyone is interested in someone who would be reflective of our diverse communities and work well with all our various groups - the City, Library Board, staff, SEIU, RCMEA, Redwood City neighborhoods, Redwood Shores, and so on."

On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Ferguson, the Board unanimously approved the amended minutes of October 8th.

On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Ferguson, the Board unanimously approved the payment of warrants # 7971 to # 8022 and the payment of usual and necessary invoices through November 10th.

Interim Director Kramer gave an update on the Redwood Shores grant application process. It was a long process, and Interim Director Kramer, Division Manager Bauer, Assistant to City Manager Gonzalez, and City Councilwoman Pierce attended a public hearing in Sacramento on October 28 to hear and give testimony.

At this hearing it was announced that Redwood City Public Library was chosen as one of the 13 outstanding applications. RCPL was awarded $10,103, 707 for the Redwood Shores Library project. City Manager Everett will communicate with the advisory committee to determine our next steps. The advisory committee, which participated in the preparation of the grant application, is meant to be representative of the community. Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to talk to the City Council members, patrons, and other community members about this grant application process.

The City is to provide $3 million in GID (General Improvement District) matching funds for the building and construction of the new library. Interim Kramer said that the Library would need additional funds to pay for staff to run the new library. In March 2003, the Redwood City Council had agreed to finance the new library, but it is possible that the opening time may be extended due to budget considerations. Currently 95 percent of the Library's operating budget comes from the City's general fund. The Library Foundation has been working on raising the opening collection fund, which is separate from the rest of the needed operating costs.

Interim Director Kramer reviewed the September expenditure report with the Board.

Interim Director Kramer gave a presentation to the Board on the City's and Library's budget situation. Employee costs consume 72 percent of the budget. Supplies and services account for 28 percent of all expenditures. The Library will continue to work on promoting self-service by purchasing another self-checkout machine at the Main Library and one at Schaberg Library when it reopens after renovation. Interim Director Kramer noted that staff would need to continue to be shared amongst all the library's branches, with the anticipated Redwood Shores branch being mostly self-service. The City Manager and Department Heads will meet on November 14, 2003 to discuss the budget.

Interim Director Kramer abstained from this portion of the meeting. The brochure for the position of library director was sent to about nine hundred people recently, and the position continues to be advertised. November 14, 2003 is scheduled to be last day that resumes will be accepted. Trustee Douglas asked the Hughes Perry & Associates consultant to take copies of the press release on the Redwood Shores grant application to the California Library Association Conference in Ontario, California in mid-November where he will be conducting screening interviews.

Trustee Douglas has asked that Senior Human Resources Rep. Williams be asked to attend the next Board meeting in December to provide an update and answer and questions for the Board.

The public elevator access policy was reviewed in light of recent complaints. The policy was found to be legally acceptable upon review by the City Attorney, the City Manager, Library management, and representatives from Building Maintenance and Custodial Services. The policy is meant to provide an equitable way to restrict access and thereby reduce vandalism. Admin. Sec. Wong summarized policy history, and observed that the policy was first implemented and approved by the Board earlier this year. The Board asked that the signs be updated and improved on the elevators to explain the reasons why access has been restricted and to assure patrons that they will be helped in a timely manner.

On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Sweeney, the Board unanimously approved staff's recommendation to continue the policy of restricting access to the public elevator upon individual requests and with the assurance that the signs will be improved and Library management will set up an effective system for ensuring patrons are allowed access immediately upon request.

Interim Director Kramer noted that she did not yet have anything to report for an update on service and cross training since the lead for this, Cristina Thorson, was on vacation and they were unable to meet as yet. Meanwhile, the Information Service department will provide express checkout training for the second floor reference desk on Monday, November 17, 2003 at the Teen Homework Center.

Interim Director Kramer reviewed the monthly highlights for the month of October with the Board.

Interim Director Kramer reviewed upcoming events with the Board. Trustee Sweeney reported that he attended the last Library Foundation meeting. He noted that the Foundation is trying to raise much more money than they ever have before for the opening-day book collection for the new Redwood Shores branch Library. He said that he could probably continue to attend the monthly Foundation meetings on the fourth Thursday of every month, excluding November and December. Trustee Douglas asked that a Library Foundation update be placed on the Board agenda for every month the Foundation meets. Interim Director Kramer will provide an update at the next Board meeting on the results of from the Library Foundation event in November.

In order to best accommodate everyone's schedule, the Board discussed changing the day of the week they meet to the second Tuesday of every month in 2004. On motion by Trustee James, seconded by Trustee Ferguson, the Board unanimously approved the motion to change the day of the week the Library Board meets to the second Tuesday of every month beginning January 13, 2003.

Interim Director Kramer reviewed letters of appreciation and news clippings from the month of October with the Board.

There being no further business or announcement, the meeting was adjourned at 9:14 p.m. to December 8, 2003 at 7:00 pm in the Small Meeting Room of the Main Library.

Respectfully Submitted,

Zachary Sweeney, Secretary

MK: dw 12/01/03



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