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An Invitation from Mayor Jeff Ira

2011 Opportunities on Redwood City Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Dear Redwood City Community Member:

I'm very gratified that you're interested in serving on one of Redwood City's boards, commissions, or committees. Click here to go right to the list of opportunities.

Your interest shows that you have great pride in Redwood City, and a strong desire to build community to make Redwood City even better. Thank you for answering this important call to action and considering taking a leadership role in our community.

Serving on a board, commission, or committee is an important way to offer new perspectives and ideas, and contribute to the City’s discussions and decisions on a variety of substantial matters. If selected, you'll serve an essential function in helping to manage the significant issues our community faces - and being appointed requires a strong commitment to carrying out the responsibilities of serving.

In making these appointments, the City Council will be interested in understanding your current involvement in community activities and your knowledge of the issues facing the board in which you're interested. Further, your ability to build consensus, willingness to offer thoughtful, productive recommendations, and motivation to be prepared, informed, and engaged in your board’s work are all critical factors contributing to being appointed to a board, commission, or committee.

If you have those characteristics, this is a great opportunity to take the next step, and get directly involved in some of our most important City issues. Successful applicants will work hard, but reap the personal rewards gained by becoming more involved in contributing to our community.

More detailed information and application forms are available here; by visiting the City Clerk’s office in City Hall at 1017 Middlefield Road; or calling the Clerk’s office at 650-780-7220. The deadline for submitting your application is 5 pm, Friday, October 28, 2011.

I hope that you’ll find one of these board, commission, or committee vacancies to be a good match for your interests and experience. If appointed, you’ll find the work to be a very rewarding, meaningful, and fulfilling way to help build a great community, together.


Jeff Ira, Mayor



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