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Council Committees 2014-2015

These are standing committees of the City Council that are long term in nature. Appointments are made by the mayor and are co-terminus with the mayoral term of two.


101/Woodside Road Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Mayor Gee , Seybert
  • Staff liaison: Aaron Aknin, Community Development Director

Audit Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Bain (Chair), Howard
  • Staff liaison: Audrey Ramberg, Interim Finance Director

Bayfront Canal Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Mayor Gee, Bain, Pierce
  • Staff liaison: Bill Ekern, Assistant City Manager

Charter Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmember Aguirre (Chair), Vice Mayor Foust

Child, Youth, and Education Committee

  • Council Members Pierce, Aguirre, Foust

Dumbarton Rail Committee

  • Council Members Howard, Pierce (Alternate)

Economic Development Downtown Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Mayor Gee, Vice Mayor Foust, Seybert
  • Staff liaison: Sean Brooks, Economic Developement Manager

Environmental Initiatives Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Bain (Chair), Pierce
  • Staff liaison: Robert B. Bell

Finance Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Seybert (Chair), Bain,
  • Staff liaison: Audrey Ramberg, Interim Finance Director

General Plan Committee(View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Pierce (Chair), Aguirre

Naming Policy Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Pierce (Chair), Bain

Personnel Committee (View Meetings)

  • Vice Mayor Foust (Chair) , Mayor Gee , Council Member Seybert
  • Staff liaison: Leah Lockhart, Human Resources Manager

Public Art Committee (View Meetings)

  • Councilmembers Howard (Chair), Bain

Rail Corridor Committee

  • Councilmembers Pierce (Chair), Vice Mayor Foust, Mayor Gee

Real Estate Initiatives Committee (View Meetings)

  • Vice Mayor Foust
  • Councilmember Seybert

San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District (SMCMVCD)

  • Kathryn Lion, Redwood City Representative, appointed to 2-year term from 2014 to 2016

Utilities Committee (View Meetings)

  • Vice Mayor Foust (Chair), Councilmembers Aguirre, Seybert
  • Staff liaison: Terence Kyaw, Assistant Public Works Director






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