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Zinio eMagazines

Need help with Zinio?
Please contact us at or call 650.780.7020

Free eMagazines powered by Zinio

Brought to you by Redwood City Public Library and Menlo Park Library

Discover complete digital editions of your favorite magazines on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Over 60 titles to choose from, including Cosmopolitan, Dwell, Food Network Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Mental Floss, National Geographic, Newsweek, Scholastic Parent & Child, Smithsonian, TVyNovelas, US Weekly and many more!

Check out as many magazines as you want—there are never any holds or due dates. Once you download the title, it stays on your device until you delete it.

Using RCPL and MPL's eMagazine collection requires a Redwood City or Menlo Park card (card needs to start with "29045" or "29044") and the creation of two accounts.

Zinio Collection Account (to browse collection)

  • Go to RCPL/MPL's Zinio web page.
  • Click on the Create New Account in the upper right hand corner to register for an account.
  • If creating an account outside the library, you will be prompted to enter your library card number and then click Next.
  • Enter the required information (email and password) and click Create Account. You will receive a welcome email confirming your new account.
  • Click the login link in the confirmation email or return to the Zinio web page and log in to begin browsing the collection.
  • While browsing the library’s collection, click a cover to subscribe to the eMagazine. Account (to download and read)

  • First-time users must enter an email address and password to create a free account.
  • Once in your account, go to Your Library to view your eMagazine subscriptions.

Install the Zinio Reader App

  • Visit your device’s app store to download and install the free Zinio Reader app
  • Zinio Reader app compatibility includes Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire/Fire HD, Windows 8, PC, Mac, and Blackberry PlayBook

Note: The Zinio app is solely for reading your eMagazine. Browse and subscribe to new eMagazines using a web browser and your library Zinio account.

eMagazine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I registering twice for the same thing?
You are registering on the library's magazine collection site to verify you are a library member, and you are registering for Zinio to view the magazines, whether they are from the library or from your own Zinio purchases.
How do I use RCPL's Zinio service?
Start at the RCPL website and choose eMagazines from the Online Resources menu. If you are outside of a library building, you will be asked to enter your library card number. Log into the library's magazine collection site. Select a magazine by clicking on the cover. The Zinio website will open. If you are not currently logged into Zinio, log in and your magazine selection will be available to view.
I created a Library Collection account but I did not receive my confirmation email. Why not?
The notification emails are sent automatically after you subscribe and should show up in your email account within minutes of registering. If you do not receive the confirmation email, it may have been blocked by your email security setting. Please check your spam or junk mail folder. If it is not there, open your security settings in your email and set them to allow delivery from and try the registration process again.
What do I do when I get an error message saying "could not connect to server"?
Log out of Zinio and the library's magazine collection and close your browser. Open a new browser window and go directly to and sign in. Then go to the library's magazine collection and sign in again.
When I click on a magazine image on my Library Collection page, why am I seeing the message: "Sorry. This digital magazine offer or download page cannot be found."
This message means that you already have added that magazine to your collection. This is a security feature required by Zinio to ensure that only one patron has access to one magazine per account.

To verify that you have the magazine issue already in your Viewer Account, access your account – or click on the Go to My Checked-out Magazines link located at the upper right corner of your Library Collection Page. In your Viewer Account, click on the Your Library link if your magazines do not automatically show after logging-in.
I already have a Zinio account. Can I use the same account to access the library's magazine collection?
Yes! However, make sure that you use the same email address and password when registering for access to the library's magazine collection that you use with your Zinio account.
How do I add additional magazines from the library's magazine collection to my Zinio account?
Make sure you are signed into your Zinio account. Then log into the library's magazine collection page. (You will receive a message that you are already registered. You will be redirected automatically in a few seconds.) Select a magazine by clicking on it. If Zinio is not already open on a separate browser tab, a new tab will open automatically with your Zinio library. To add more magazines, toggle back to the library's magazine collection tab and select another title.
How will I know when a new magazine issue is available?
You will not receive a notification that a new issue is available for check out in the library's collection – so please refer to the library's collection often. You need to go back to the library's collection to add the next issue to your account.
How do I access past issues?
The RCPL magazine collection page will show all current issues on the main page. At this time, back issues of titles are not available through Zinio for Libraries.
Can I purchase magazines that are not in the library's magazine collection?
Yes. Sign into your Zinio account and click on the Zinio logo in the upper left corner. Choose Shop Magazines and select a magazine. You will be asked for financial information. Be sure to check the library's magazine collection before purchasing to see if you have access for free through RCPL.
Why are some magazines not in the library's magazine collection or in Zinio itself?
Some magazine publishers do not allow Zinio to offer their titles for sale and do not allow libraries to make these available through Zinio.
If I choose to purchase a title the library does not offer, is it added to the library's magazine collection? Does the library make any money off of this?
No. When you purchase a title, it is available to you only for personal use, and it is not added to the library's magazine collection. The library does not make any money off of these private collections.
I am receiving emails from Zinio with special promotions and offers. How do I stop receiving these emails?
There are three ways to do this:
  1. When you first create a user account on, you are asked to set up email permissions as part of that process. If you leave all of the 'boxes' unchecked, you will not receive promotional emails.
  2. You may change your email permissions anytime by clicking on the Account Settings link beneath your name on your Zinio account page, then on the Preferences link and checking or unchecking the boxes.
  3. At the bottom of every email is an "Update Contact Preferences" link that you can use to change your email preferences.
Does Zinio have an age restriction?
When downloading the Zinio app from the iTunes store, it requires that you must verify that you are over 17. If you are under 17, please discuss this restriction with your parent or guardian. RCPL does not monitor the content of its magazines.
Who can I contact for assistance?
We can assist you with most questions, including setting up your account, browsing and selecting magazines, and reading magazines. If you are experiencing problems with the library's magazine collection page, contact Recorded Books. If you are experiencing problems with your Zinio account, refer to the Zinio help page.




Free Access to Digital Magazines

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