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Welcome to the Office of the City Manager

Note: The November 3 election in Redwood City and all of San Mateo County will be a vote-by-mail election. Read more here.


You’re probably wondering just what goes on in the city manager’s office. Well, there are a lot of things, but perhaps the function of this office can be summed up by saying the city manager is the administrative head of city government. It is the responsibility of the City Manager to implement all City Council policy decisions and directions, to provide leadership and direction to department heads and other staff, and to work with both Council and staff to develop action plans and programs for the operation of the City’s functions.

To view a May, 2008 presentation to the City Council on some of the functions of the city manager's office, click here.

Aside from the City Clerk and City Attorney (who, like the City Manager, are appointed by the City Council) the City Manager appoints and manages the City’s department heads (Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Public Works Services Director, Community Development Services Director, Human Resources Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director, and Finance Director).

How does the City Manager's office interact with the City Council and other City departments?

City Council
The City Council develops broad, two-year policy priorities which are updated annually. Each priority contains a range of specific programs, projects, policies, or processes which the City Manager, Department Directors, and staff use in developing the actual detailed work programs for the various City departments. In short, the Council develops policy, and the City Manager and staff implement those policies on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to the three or four public Council meetings every month, the City Manager meets weekly with the Mayor and Vice Mayor, and also has meetings with other members of the Council individually or as part of ad hoc or standing committees, on an as-needed basis. Through these meetings and other contact with Council members, the City Manager is able to distill their policy direction into action for the City.

The City Manager manages the department directors, who in turn supervise the managers within that department. Redwood City enjoys a flexible and de-centralized work environment which allows people to make decisions at every level of the organization. This provides the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances, to revise our priorities as needed, and to best address our constituents’ needs.

The City Manager meets weekly with the entire group of department directors, and individually on an as-needed basis. The purpose of these meetings is to provide direction and guidance to the directors in carrying out the policies of the Council.

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