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Community Safety is Everyone's Responsibility
- Arson Fire Precautions

September, 2005

During the past few weeks several arson fires have been started in Redwood City. All of these fires occurred at night, were set in apartment buildings, and were most frequently started in carports, laundry rooms, storage areas, garbage containers, and other common areas. Fortunately, the quick action of the Fire Department has limited these fires from spreading and injuring residents.

It's important for the community works togethether to help protect property and lives.

Click here for arson fire safety precautions for residents.

Click here for arson fire safety precautions for owners of apartments or other buildings.

Click here to go to the Redwood City Fire Department's Arson Prevention page.

If you have any questions on these safety precautions, the use and placement of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, preparing an evacuation plan, or the proper disposal of combustible materials, or if you’d like more fire and life safety information, please contact the Redwood City Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau at 650-780-7400.


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