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Build Community in Your Neighborhood!
Here are tools to become a Neighborhood Liaison

What is a neighborhood Liaison?
A Neighborhood Liaison is just a person like you, who wants to meet and talk with a few of your neighbors, have them fill out voluntary contact sheets, and then help get some neighbors together to work on a neighborhood
project that the neighbors come up with. It’s kind of like the traditional “block captain” concept, but with a self-starting community building angle.

You can also be a conduit for periodic information to and from the City, and the program provides a convenient and effective way for neighbors to organize around diverse neighborhood issues ranging from disaster preparedness to neighborhood beautification to block parties to whatever the neighbors feel is important for their community.

Workshops & Training
One of the tools that you and your neighbors can take advantage of is the City's periodic schedule of workshops around topics such as neighborhood organizing, leadership development, conflict resolution, emergency preparedness, and more. Our hope is that with some of these tools, and an issue or opportunity that is “tapping you on the shoulder,” you can bring your neighbors together and effectively create something that will benefit you, your family and neighbors, and the community.

For the community building aspect, there are many resources that neighbors can use when they’re self-organizing, and we’re anxious to help with that effort. We can:

  • provide a gathering place or meeting room
  • offer a facilitator or city liaison to the group for specific needs
  • help publicize and promote your neighborhood project or activity
  • offer a grant program that will help offset costs of neighborhood improvement projects
  • be catalysts, conveners and facilitators to help neighborhoods successfully organize and affect positive change

Neighborhood Toolbox

Community Improvement Grant Program Application (for block parties, neighborhood gatherings, neighborhood projects, etc.) Some Great Ideas for Bringing your Neighbors Together!
Neighborhood Contact Form Sample Meeting Agenda
Find out which Neighborhood Association you belong to and get involved! Meeting Facilitation Handout

Redwood City Neighborhood Watch Packet Bring your neighbors together around Neighborhood Watch!

Flyer Template & Contact List

"5 Steps to Resolving Conflict" Neighborhood Toolkit

Block Party Outline

150 Things to Build Social Capital

Sound Interesting?
Just identify an area in your neighborhood – from just a few houses to the whole block, or more - and you can be a self-starting Neighborhood Liaison! For more information or assistance, contact Meghan Horrigan's at 780-7305 or


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