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Neighborhood Survey

The City of Redwood City periodically conducts a Neighborhood Survey as a means for the community to provide valuable feedback about satisfaction with City services, quality of life, community issues, communcation, and other information. This helps the City to better understand the community's interests, concerns, and needs. The City also uses the survey results to help develop objectives for budget purposes as well as continuous improvement plans.


The City's latest Neighborhood Survey was conducted in July 2015, with results presented in August 2015. Reports, an FAQ on methodology, and more are below.

Survey FAQ

Question 1: Why was the survey sent out this year?

The City of Redwood City traditionally completes a city satisfaction survey every couple of years. Due to the economic downturn of the last decade and budget limitations, the last survey was conducted in 2010. As a result of the City’s improved budget outlook, the City Council approved funding to complete a survey in 2015.

Question 2: How did the City choose these questions?

The survey questions are similar to previous year’s surveys to evaluate responses and changes over time. The questions traditionally focus on city services, quality of life, interaction with the City, preferred communications methods of residents, and specific questions focused on library, parks, police services.

Question 3: What was the survey methodology used?

The third party that led the survey for the City of Redwood City used both telephone and online interviewing. The universe of residents included 58,626 adult residents of Redwood City. The data have been weighted based on the Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey to reflect the actual population characteristics of Redwood City residents in terms of their gender, age, and ethnicity. The sample size was larger than the last survey (in 2010) and included 832 respondents (603 Online; 229 Phone)

Question 4: How does the City plan to use the survey results?

  • Strategic and budget planning
  • Review customer service results by department
  • Continue to evolve how the City communicates with the community and use results to tailor City's approach
  • Review the survey results and data to evaluate responses by neighborhood to provide insight into customer service, programs and services provided

Survey Summary

  • More than four out of five residents indicated that they are “very satisfied” (37.4%) or “somewhat satisfied” (46.6%) with their quality of life.
  • A majority of residents are optimistic about their quality of life over the next five years (59.1% “better” or “stay the same”).
  • More than a quarter of respondents cited “Creating affordable housing" as the most important issue in Redwood City.
  • Three in five residents feel a “strong” or “somewhat strong” sense of community.
  • The current survey reveals nearly identical overall satisfaction levels with 2010. More than 80 percent of residents reported being either “very satisfied” (34.1%) or  “somewhat satisfied” (48.8%) overall.
  • As in 2010, about four out of five residents answered that they feel “very safe” or “reasonably safe” walking alone in their neighborhood after dark, and approximately three-quarters of residents said that they feel safe walking in the business downtown areas of Redwood City after dark.
  • Redwood City’s parks, recreation facilities, and programs continue to enjoy high scores, with more than 80 percent of respondents rating them “excellent” (30.2%) or “good” (53.9%).
  • In the current survey, 90.9 percent of residents rated public library services as “excellent” (54.7%) or “good” (36.2%), an increase over the 2010 survey findings.
  • The vast majority of respondents indicated that they had a positive opinion of the City’s service and response. In fact, two out of five residents who communicated with the City were “very satisfied” with their interaction, and more than two-thirds of residents were "satisfied". About a quarter were dissatisfied with their City interactions.


  • The economic success of the city has increased respondents' concern over housing and traffic issues. This is similar to other survey responses in surrounding communities on the Peninsula.
  • Respondants reported significantly more numerous interactions with city representatives (council & staff) than in past surveys.
  • Responses suggest that residents are open to civic engagement opportunities in volunteering, participation in online surveys, and attendence of workshops and city council meetings.
  • Increases in park and library uses demonstrate these amenities' value to the community.
  • Residents are very happy with the City’s efforts to provide downtown events.
  • Preferred information sources by residents continue to be the City’s e-news, website, and snail mail, which will assist with the city’s focus on communications moving forward.


Read results from the Neighborhood Survey conducted in November of 2010, and reported to the City Council in January of 2011.

If you'd like to see the survey consultant's presentation of the survey results, you can go to the City Council meeting page, scroll down to the January 24, 2011 meeting, and click on the video link for that meeting.


Executve Summary results of previous surveys:


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