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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Redwood City and CityTrees Celebrate "1,000 Trees in 1,000 Days!"

Redwood City, CA - August 5, 2003 -  Redwood City's "urban forest" of beautiful street and park trees has grown by leaves and boughs over the last three years, largely thanks to CityTrees, a volunteer organization dedicated to improving our quality of life through the greening of our community. This month, CityTrees and Redwood City join together to celebrate "1,000 Trees in 1,000 Days" with the planting of a 15-foot dawn redwood at Stafford Park, located at Hopkins Avenue and King Street in Redwood City. This event takes place on August 20th at approximately 7:00 pm. Redwood City Mayor Richard Claire and Councilwoman Diane Howard will be on hand to assist in the planting, commemorating this important milestone in the expansion of the urban forest of Redwood City.

The planting ceremony will take place at intermission during a performance of the regular concert series at Stafford Park. With the planting of this particular tree, Stafford Park will then contain all three species of redwood tree – coast redwood, giant sequoia, and dawn redwood. The first two are native to California; the third was presumed extinct until 1946 when it was discovered alive in a remote region in China. Now, thanks to CityTrees, Redwood City can boast its own small demonstration "forest" featuring the full variety of redwood tree species.

The community is invited to join in the celebration of "1,000 Trees in 1,000 Days" with CityTrees and Redwood City – enjoy live music starting at 6 pm, then be a part of urban forest history with the planting at approximately 7 pm, then listen to more music until 8 pm.

CityTrees ( was founded in May, 2000 and is involved in a broad spectrum of projects in the City, in carrying out its mission: "CityTrees is a volunteer organization improving the quality of life in Redwood City through a coordinated program of tree planting and maintenance. Through education and advocacy, CityTrees is preserving and extending the urban forest"

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Contact: Gordon Mann
Public Works Superintendent

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