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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Fundraising & Volunteers Help Bring Young Burn Victims to "Champ Camp"

Redwood City, CA - July 28, 2002 – Firefighters in Redwood City know first-hand the devastation that fire can cause. When a child is injured in a fire, it's an even more tragic situation. Many firefighters, here and in other cities, are involved in helping these kids recover and giving them an opportunity to do the things that other kids do, despite their injuries. They volunteer with the Alisa Ann Rusch Burn Foundation, which sponsors a free camp every summer for up to 180 children who are burn victims. It's called "Champ Camp" and activities include everything kids love to do: go-carts, tennis, swimming, a night hike, ropes courses, horseback riding, and an end-of-the week dance. For these children, anything and everything is made possible, regardless of their injuries.

Each year, significant fund raising must take place to make Champ Camp work for the kids. This year, on August 8, 2003 a special fire engine relay will start from Moffett Field Fire Department and head north to San Francisco, along the way picking up each city's collected money at designated fire stations. Last year Redwood City collected nearly $2,000, with just over $500 coming from citizens in the community, and the rest from the firefighters of Redwood City. The money is used to bring happiness and smiles to the faces of kids that have known little more than pain and suffering since their injuries. This high-profile motorcade will stop in the morning at Redwood City's main fire station at 755 Marshall Street to pick up the local funds collected on behalf of Champ Camp. This is a great cause, and even a small donation is appreciated. Tax deductible donations, made payable to the Alisa Ann Rusch Burn Foundation, should be mailed to Redwood City Fire Department, Station #9, 755 Marshall Street, Redwood City, CA 94063 (see for more information).

Volunteers at Champ Camp, many of whom are firefighters, have expressed how their lives were changed by working to provide these kids with a week of fun activities, to bring happiness into the kids' lives, and to give the injured children some ‘normal' childhood activities and excitement. New volunteers are always welcome, and should contact Redwood City Firefighter Jeff Timms at the number above.

The goal of Champ Camp is to give these children what they deserve, a chance to do kid things like every other child. Their lives are often filled with doctor's appointments and special accommodations. Because of their injuries, they may often be told "you shouldn't" or "you can't." The motto at Champ Camp is "YOU CAN!"

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Contact: Jeff Timms
Redwood City Fire Department

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