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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Renaissance of Downtown Redwood City Continues with Start of Culvert Relocation for Underground Public Garage Construction

Redwood City, CA - February 28, 2003 - The first step in construction of the underground public parking structure in Downtown Redwood City will begin on March 10th, as the City starts the relocation of a concrete culvert that runs diagonally across the future garage site. This culvert must be relocated so that excavation of the underground garage, and ultimately the retail/cinema project, may take place. The underground storm water culvert will be re-located to the Main Street parking lot, through the ‘alley’ between City Hall and the post office, across Jefferson Avenue, through the corner of the future garage site, and proceed across Middlefield Road. The new culvert will be connected to the existing culvert at Middlefield Road, and at Redwood Crossing/Wharf Street (the Broadway entrance to the Main Street parking lot).

There will be some significant impacts to parking and traffic at different phases of this relocation project. When construction begins, approximately 65 existing parking spaces in the Main Street lot will be temporarily unavailable. Temporary closures may occur at the Jefferson Avenue access into the Main Street lot (the alley between City Hall and the post office). Drivers are urged to use the nearby Marshall Street garage or the surface lot near the railroad tracks on Middlefield Road as alternatives. As work progresses, vehicle access into and out of the Main Street lot from Broadway, Jefferson, and Main Street may change, and drivers are urged to be aware of signage indicating the appropriate access to and from that parking lot.

When the culvert relocation work begins across Jefferson Avenue, adjacent to the alley between City Hall and the post office, periodic lane closures will take place at this location. These closures may take place periodically through August. Once the culvert has crossed Jefferson Avenue, relocation and excavation can begin in the ‘block one’ area, the site of the new underground parking structure.

During the culvert relocation, the City asks drivers and businesses in the affected area for their patience and understanding, and apologizes for any inconvenience that may occur. This project is necessary in order for the underground parking garage to be built, and this parking garage is in turn an important part of the renaissance of Downtown Redwood City, and will serve all Downtown businesses.

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Contact: Brian Lee
Senior Civil Engineer

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