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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Fire Engine On the Way to Sister City of Colima, Mexico

Redwood City, CA - March 28, 2003 - The fire department of the City of Colima, Mexico will be one engine stronger when a surplus fire truck donated by Redwood City arrives in that city shortly. The 1972 fire truck is being donated at a time when Colima especially needs it, in light of the devastating earthquake that Redwood City's sister city experienced in January.

"We're extremely happy to be able to provide this fire truck, as a gift from our community to theirs, which we're sure will be put to good use and strengthen Colima's emergency response and service to its people" said Redwood City Mayor Richard Claire. The City gave Colima an engine several years ago, along with various pieces of support equipment.

The truck is first being driven to Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 1 by Dan Abrams, a Redwood City Fire Department captain, who is donating his time to make the journey. Redwood City International, a local citizens group promoting cross-cultural exchange, is covering Captain Abrams' expenses, including his flight home from Los Angeles.

From there, the truck will be loaded aboard a container ship on the Tolteca line, which is donating transportation services to get the fire engine from Los Angeles to Manzanillo, Mexico. Steven Wright, Manager of Economic Development for the Port of Redwood City, worked with officials of Tolteca to arrange for the free shipment of the fire truck. "Tolteca is a new joint Mexican/Norwegian shipping company, and upon recognizing the great need for this truck in Colima, they were more than happy to assist in shipping it to Mexico," said Mr. Wright. The Port in Los Angeles is the closest one that is served by the type of container ship necessary for this shipment, and that has shipments going to the Mexican port closest to Colima.

Representatives of Colima will meet the ship in Manzanillo, and drive the fire engine to their city where it will be put into service. The truck has logged just over 81,000 miles, can pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute, has a tank capacity of 500 gallons, and weighs-in at nearly 33,000 pounds.

Colima's Fire Chief, Mr. Melchor Ursua Quiroz, expressed his city's gratitude. "This truck is a welcome addition to our fire-fighting equipment. We are proud to call Redwood City our Sister City, and look forward to our continued great relationship."

In 1998, Redwood City formally established a sister city relationship with Colima, Mexico. Redwood City International, the citizen's group that facilitates the sister city relationship, promotes cultural, educational, business, and interpersonal exchanges across international borders to foster better mutual understanding and to gain fresh perspectives on our community and our world. Redwood City also enjoys a sister city relationship with Zhuhai, People's Republic of China.

Several delegations from Colima, including the former Mayor, visited Redwood City and participated in the dedication of the new City Hall in 1997. Elected officials and other community members of Redwood City visited Colima in 1998 for the formal signing of the sister city agreement. Redwood City has donated a fire engine, fire fighting equipment, clothing, and specialized landscaping and maintenance equipment to Colima.

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Contact: Magda Gonzalez
Assistant to the City Manager

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