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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Reinforces Ban on Fireworks

Redwood City, CA - June 16, 2003 - With the hot days of summer now upon us, the people of Redwood City are looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July next month. The Redwood City Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that there is a ban on fireworks within City limits. There is good reason for this ban, as fireworks are the cause of thousands of fires and injuries throughout the United States each 4th of July. The good news is that these fires and injuries are preventable, if people comply with local laws prohibiting the use of fireworks.

The Uniform Fire Code adopted by the City of Redwood City prohibits any type of fireworks within City limits, including the so-called “safe and sane” variety. The only permitted use of fireworks is for professional fireworks shows, such as that which takes place at the Port of Redwood City, sponsored by the Peninsula Celebration Association.

Redwood City Police will be on the lookout for fireworks throughout the 4th of July holiday period. Anyone caught in possession of fireworks will have the fireworks confiscated and will be subject to a citation. Fireworks obtained in other jurisdictions may not be brought into or used within Redwood City.

Fireworks are illegal in most parts of San Mateo County, and other jurisdictions share Redwood City’s desire to maintain a safe 4th of July holiday. To fully inform the community of Redwood City’s prohibition on fireworks, all main roadway entrances into the City will be posted with a sign saying “No Fireworks in Redwood City.” The signs feature bright red letters on a white background to make them very visible to passing motorists.

The City’s goal is for the community to have a safe, fun 4th of July holiday, and to prevent fire or injury incidents related to fireworks.

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Louis Vella
Admin. Chief/Fire Marshal
Redwood City Fire Department

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