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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Seeking Applicants for P A C T "Partnership Academy for Community Teamwork" Citizen Participation Program

Redwood City, CA - January 24, 2003 - Redwood City is pleased to announce the Spring, 2003 session of its "Partnership Academy for Community Teamwork" (PACT) citizen participation program. This nine-week academy will provide participants with a hands-on overview of the management and governance of Redwood City. The program takes place one evening a week beginning April 2nd, and engages in dynamic and interesting activities illustrating how the City functions, covering subjects from Public Works to the Police Department, from the City Council to Finance, from the Fire Department to the Library - and everything in between. This is a great opportunity for interested community members to get an insider’s view of where the City is going, and become experts on how the City operates.

The objectives of PACT are to involve and engage the community in learning about and understanding the operation of City government, and to improve communication between the City and those that live and work here in order to strengthen and enhance the entire community. Participants will learn how decisions are made, how City funds are allocated, and how City departments operate with each other, and get an opportunity to sit down with City Council members for frank discussion of issues, projects, politics, and plans for shaping the future of our community.

" It's important for people to know about and be involved in City government, and to bring a true partnership to how we address community issues," said Redwood City Mayor Richard Claire. "We want a wide variety of people from all across Redwood City involved in PACT. This is one way of strengthening our community, and building a better City."

Applications for PACT are available from the City Manager’s office, located in City Hall at 1017 Middlefield Road, or by calling 650-780-7300. Applications can also be downloaded from Enrollment is limited to 36 participants, who must be 18 years of age or older. The deadline for applications is March 10, 2003.

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Contact: Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager
(650) 780-7305

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