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Archived News Release from 2004

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Finalizes Fees for Media Parking During Peterson Trial

Redwood City, CA -  February 25, 2004 - Redwood City officials have finalized the fees for parking of oversized media trucks and other media support vehicles during the Peterson trial. Police have monitored the number of media requiring special parking accommodations since the initial trial proceedings began earlier this month, and have revised the fee to reflect lower expected costs. These fees were approved by the City Council of Redwood City at their regular meeting last Monday night, and are intended to recover the costs being incurred by the City to provide for additional parking, and increased security and public safety in the vicinity of the County courthouse.

The revised fee to park an oversized media truck on the closed section of Middlefield Road will be no more than $1,765 per month ($1,225 for March, since only preliminary trial activity is expected to be underway during that month). The fee to park a media support vehicle (passenger size) in a small nearby parking lot provided by the City is $110 per month. Fees for February have been waived. These permits may be purchased at the Revenue Services counter in City Hall at 1017 Middlefield Road in Redwood City. Permits must be displayed in these vehicles beginning on Monday, March 1st, 2004.

Facing a serious budget deficit with likely layoffs next fiscal year, it’s critical for the City to recoup at least some of the expenses being incurred on behalf of the media. These special measures are being taken in order to accommodate the possibly hundreds of members of the national and international media and their satellite and microwave trucks, trailers, and other vehicles, that are expected to be centered in downtown Redwood City during the course of the Peterson trial.

For the duration, the north side of Middlefield Road between Veterans’ Boulevard and Bradford Street will be closed to provide long-term parking for media trucks and equipment. The south side of Middlefield will be open for one-way eastbound traffic only. No westbound (toward downtown) traffic on Middlefield at this location will be permitted. Westbound motorists will be required to use an alternate westbound street, and are urged to exercise extra caution in this area, and watch for special signage and lane changes. To assist downtown visitors with locating parking, the City provides a downtown public parking map, available on the City’s website at Redwood City Police remind visitors that areas marked “No Parking” or “Private Parking” will be monitored and parking restrictions will be strictly enforced.

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Captain Ron Matuszak
Redwood City Police Department
(650) 780-7128



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