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Archived News Release from 2006

For Immediate Release

Author of Vietnam War Book “The Names NOT on the Wall” Honors Redwood City

Redwood City, CA - August 3 , 2006 - John “Doc” Hutchings’ book, “The Names NOT on the Wall,” describing his experience as a Vietnam War combat corpsman, is a vivid and compelling story. It’s made all the more real for the local community, as Redwood City is joyously described in poem form on the book’s jacket as “The Town That Cared.” The author belonged to the 1 st Marine Division which, at the time of the Vietnam War, was “adopted” by the City of Redwood City.

On July 24, 2006, Mr. Vince Rios - close friend of the author and key figure in the book - presented the City Council with a signed copy of the book, which was published earlier this year, and expressed his thanks to the City of Redwood City for its long-standing support for the individuals who have served in the United States armed forces.

Redwood City’s role in the author’s Vietnam experience stems from the seriously divided nation to which he, and many others serving in Vietnam, returned: having risked their lives to do their duty and serve their country, upon their return many were greeted not with thanks but largely with scorn and contempt.

This devastating, demoralizing experience was repeated throughout the country. In the midst of that continuing firestorm of controversy, “one town in northern California wanted to do what a nation was afraid to do – welcome its warriors home at last.” That town was Redwood City, which in 1981 invited the 1 st Marine Division to be honored for its service by taking part in the City’s annual 4 th of July parade. Members of this unit still march today in the City’s parade. The author closes his book-jacket poem, “The Town That Cared,” with these words:

Much older now, we’ll march once more,
Our formation not so pretty.
We’ll proudly salute the town that cared…
God bless you, Redwood City

On the author’s website he points out that “ Post traumatic stress disorder is so prevalent in our returning troops from current and past wars, I felt compelled to write “The Names NOT on the Wall”.  It explains how war really is (warts and all) to help both the veterans and their loved ones to better understand why the man/woman they kissed goodbye was not the same as the one they kissed and welcomed home .”

Redwood City continues to support our armed services through Yellow Ribbon Redwood City, a community-based committee of volunteers who have come together to offer support to local deployed servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

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Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager

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