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Archived News Release from 2006

For Immediate Release

Winners of Annual Mayor’s Beautification Awards to be Honored by City Council on August 28

Redwood City, CA - August 25 , 2006 - From landscaping to remodeling, courtyard design to historic renovation, and architectural design to neighborhood improvement, the Mayor’s Beautification Awards recognizes the best projects from throughout the community of Redwood City. This year’s winners and honorable mentions will be honored at a special reception and City Council Meeting, where each will receive a special plaque or certificate, along with the congratulations and thanks of the Mayor and the Council, in honor of their civic pride.

The 6:30 pm reception and 7:00 pm meeting take place on Monday, August 28th at City Hall, 1017 Middlefield Road.

The annual Mayor’s Beautification Awards program, coordinated by the City’s Pride and Beautification committee, is designed to recognize the efforts of residents, non-profit agencies, and businesses to maintain or improve Redwood City neighborhoods. The program encourages attractive structural and landscaping improvements in our community. Single- or multi-family residences, apartment complexes, home owners associations, and non-profit or commercial properties are eligible. A panel of volunteer judges screened the entries, and the final selection process included a site visit to all entries. The Council extends special thanks to the Civic Cultural Commission, and Norcal Waste Systems of San Mateo County for their support of the program.

As a community, the way in which we use, improve, and maintain our homes, landscaping, buildings, and gardens expresses an image of Redwood City. The Mayor’s Beautification Awards program helps to promote and enhance this image both within Redwood City, and beyond our borders. The awards show our neighbors and visitors that Redwood City recognizes the importance and value of keeping our City beautiful.

Following is the list of most of 2006’s winners and honorable mentions in the Mayor’s Beautification Awards (some residential winners asked that their home information and names not be publicized).

Visit Redwood City’s award-winning website at for information about the City and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, and local business. Take a look at the variety of City webcams at, and subscribe to Redwood City’s email newsletter by emailing


Best Architectural and Landscape Upgrade
133 Hillview Avenue
Steve and Ellen Gardner

Best Architectural Design - Commercial
902 Woodside Road
Rubinchik and Cohen Dental

Best Architectural Design and Remodel - Commercial
150 Elm Street
Main Street Coffee Roasting Company

Best Compatible Home and Garden - Landscape
1403 James Avenue
Julio and Mabel Perla

Best Compatible Home and Garden - Landscape
954 5th Avenue
Ruben and Leticia Esperanza Alvarez

Best Creation of a Memorial Garden - Non-Profit
1201 Brewster Avenue
Sequoia Alumni Association

Best Developer 's Design Concept - Commercial
Downtown Retail/Cinema Complex
On Broadway Redwood City, LLC

Best Drought Tolerant Landscape
61 Avondale Avenue
Jeff Holman and Mark Alfenito

Best Drought Tolerant Landscape
1092 Chesterton Avenue
Martha Morey

Best Historical Restoration
420 & 446 Heller Street
Guadalupe Ruiz

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
3749 Florence Street
Tom and Yvonne Lynn-Spitsen

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
1030 Redwood Avenue
Sonia Rodriguez

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
485 Woodside Road
Woodside Terrace Brookdale Senior Living

Best Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing - Multi-Family
1312 Jefferson Avenue
Dena Peponis Karbo

Best Remodel
603 Crompton Road
Bill and Clydine Forsyth

Best Remodel
450 Clinton Street
Branko and Asia Kruslin

Best Remodel
1732 Connecticut Drive
George and Sharyl Carter

Best Remodel - Commercial
730-738 Woodside Road
Pellarin Enterprises

Best Remodel - Commercial
2600 Broadway Street
JMS Development Partners

Best Remodel - Multi-Family
1235 Jefferson Avenue
Monticello Apartments

Best Remodel Interior
1718 Vera Avenue
William and Casey Morton

Best Remodel Interior and Exterior - Commercial
2053 Broadway Street
Suisha House Restaurant

Best Streetscape Enhancement - Commercial
702 Marshall Street

Most Beautiful and Best Maintained Compatible Garden Landscape - Multi- Family
435, 439, & 441 Buckeye Street
Augustine Medrano

Most Beautiful Back Yard
2816 Jefferson Avenue
Ernie and Gina Schmidt

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape
470 Neptune Drive
Bob and Dee Norris

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape
1098 Eden Bower Lane
Irmengard Villareal

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape
135 Grand Street
Bill Shoe and Susan Sharer

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape - Commercial
1690 Woodside Road
Robert Ruggeri - Mike Cardanini - Linda Cardanini

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape - Multi- Family
97, 99 and 101 Wayne Court East
Mike and Diana Herschel - Irving Ackerman - Kaiya Storm

Most Improved Front Yard
218 Hillview Avenue
Elizabeth Swanson

Most Unique Use of Space Interior - Commercial
2048 Broadway
Savvy Cellar Wines

Stewardship of Native Trees
3645 Florence Street
Josie Garcias

Stewardship of Native Trees
1616 Gordon Street
Gordon Manor Residential Care

Stewardship of Native Trees
136 Central Avenue
Duchin Razieh

Honorable Mentions

Best Compatible Home and Garden Landscape
3587 Altamont Way
David Mitchell and Joan Martel

Best Compatible Home and Garden Landscape
1103 17th Avenue
Maria Smith

Best Compatible Home and Garden Landscape
3149 Hoover Street
Beatrice Porter

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
1871 Anamor Street
Janie Woo

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
1091 5th Avenue
Beverly Williams

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
964 5th Avenue
Rodolfo and Maria Lopez

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
930/932 Palm Avenue
Terry and Maria Taylor

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
40 Nevada Street
George H. Morello and Cristina Santana

Best Maintained Garden Landscape
1081 8th Avenue
William and Jennifer Chapman

Best Maintained Garden Landscape - Multi-Family
707 Leahy Street
Leahy Square Apartments

Most Beautiful Garden Landscape
55 Fulton Avenue
Kristopher and Emma Johnson


Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager
(650) 780-7305

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