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Archived News Release from 2007

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Starts the Flow of Recycled Water to First Customers

Redwood City, CA - June 29, 2007 A significant milestone was reached yesterday in Redwood City’s efforts to preserve millions of gallons of drinking water for the community’s use, especially in light of the impending drought in California. The first gallons of recycled water are now flowing to the City’s first commercial customers, and a special celebration was hosted at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay in Redwood Shores (the City’s first customer for the new recycled water project) to mark the occasion of “Getting Connected.”

Redwood City’s Recycled Water Project is expected to save approximately 900 acre-feet (about 300 million gallons) of drinking water annually by meeting significant irrigation and industrial demand with recycled water by 2010. The project will help Redwood City meet its long-term water supply needs while increasing its overall supply reliability.

Redwood City first began using recycled water on a trial basis in 2000 with the South Bayside System Authority wastewater treatment plant (SBSA), to deliver water to limited area of Redwood Shores for landscape irrigation in areas such as median strips, and in common landscaped areas around some public and privately-owned buildings. After two successful years, the City Council began planning for the development of a large-scale recycled water system to address not only the current over-use of the limited water supply, but the likelihood of severe water shortages in coming years.

After a great deal of community-involved deliberation, the City Council approved an agreement with SBSA for the large-scale production and delivery of recycled water, and moved forward with the final design of new treatment facili­ties at SBSA. The City also began design of an expanded recycled water distribution system that includes Redwood Shores, the “Greater Bayfront Area,” and many sites in the Seaport Area where the water will be used to irrigate commercial landscapes and for a variety of industrial purposes.

Today, the system is providing water to its first customers, and is designed with the flexibil­ity to accommodate new opportunities and new customers. Redwood City applauds its first customers for their dedication to the entire community’s quality of life, and their commitment to environmental stewardship. Every gallon of recycled water used for irrigation or industrial purposes saves one gallon of drink­ing water for the community’s use inside our homes, hospitals, and schools. In the event of a drought, those gallons of drinking water will be even more important to the community of Redwood City, both for today and for the generations to come.

And, by reusing treated water we greatly reduce the amount of non-salt water that SBSA will discharge to the San Francisco Bay, which is highly sensitive to the discharge of any fresh water — even clean or highly-treated wastewater. This is a significant environmental benefit of using recycled water.

More information on this and Redwood City’s other water supply and conservation efforts is online at

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Peter Ingram
Director, Community Development Services
(650) 780- 7241

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