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Archived News Release from 2008

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Schedules Community Workshop #2 - Hoover Area Connection: Linking for Your Neighborhood

Redwood City, CA -  April 17, 2008 - Redwood City has embarked on a neighborhood mobility study called “ Hoover Area Connection: Linking for Your Neighborhood.” This study aims to work together with the residents in the Hoover area (Stambaugh-Heller and Redwood Village neighborhoods) to improve their ability to get around to school, work, shopping, services, and appointments - when a car is not an option.

Interested members of these communities are invited to come together with friends and neighbors for the second in a series of four neighborhood workshops, and share ideas on their transportation needs and issues, and what we can all do to make getting around the community easier and safer:

  • Saturday, April 26th, 2008
    10 am to Noon
    Fair Oaks Community Center
    2600 Middlefield Road , Redwood City

This workshop will be held in both English and Spanish; free child care for children ages three to nine will be available (please call 780-7229 by April 22 to reserve child care). Breakfast will be served.

Interactive and stimulating discussions will center on what kinds of improvements may need to be made to ensure access and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists traveling to work, school, shopping, and services: can people easily walk or bicycle to the places they need to get to, especially at night? How are the buses? Are there streets or sidewalks that should be improved for better “walkability?”

Participants will enjoy playing a hands-on role in shaping what this vital neighborhood will look and feel like in the years to come. Neighborhood residents’ help is needed to make sure that community ideas can become reality – everyone’s voice should be heard as we work together to plan the future of how we get around these neighborhoods.

Redwood City received a grant from Caltrans and funding from the Redwood City Redevelopment Agency for this study to help improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety.

Visit Redwood City’s award-winning website at for information about the City and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, and local business. Take a look at the variety of City webcams at, and subscribe to Redwood City’s email newsletter and other City documents by visiting


Jeannie Young
Housing & Economic Development
(650) 780–7365


Para el Distributión Inmediato

Segundo Taller de Redwood City sobre
La conexión de la área Hoover: Conectándo para su vecindario

Redwood City, CA - 17 de Abril, 2008 - Redwood City se ha embarcado en un studio de la movilided vecindaria llamado “La conexión de la área Hoover: Connectándo para su Vecindario. La meta de este estudio es trabajar juntos con todos los residents y vecinos del área de Hoover (incluso de las areas Stambaugh-Heller y Redwood Village) para mejorar la abilidad de movilizarse, para ir a la escuela, trabajo, compras, servicios e citas cuando un carró no es una opción.

Residentes de estas comunidades son invitados, al segundo de cuatro talleres comunitarios, para compartir sus ideas con sus amigos y vecinos, sobre las necesidades de transportacion y movilidad, y que sean mas facil y segura para la comunidad.

  • Sábado 26 de Abril, 2008
    10:00 am hasta el Medio Dia
    En el Centro de la Comunidad de Fair Oaks
    2600 Middlefield Road, Redwood City

Este taller sera en Ingles y Español; tendremos guarderia para niños de edades de tres años hasta nueve años (por favor llame al telefono 650- 780-7229, para reservar su espacio en la guarderia antes del 22 de abril). Desayuno sera servido.

¿Platicas se enfocaran en que tipo de mejoramiento se requiere para mejorar el aceso y seguridad del peaton e ciclista que viajan a su trabajo, escuela, compras, servicios? ¿Puede uno caminar o andar en bicicleta seguramente durante la noche? ¿Se proveer el servicio de buses que se require? ¿Hay calles o aceras que se pudieran mejorar para poder caminar mas seguramente?

Los participantes en este taller tendran la oportunidad de formar el futuro de su vecindario y como se mirara. La participación es importante para que sus deseos se vuelvan una realidad en su comunidad.

La Ciudad de Redwood City ha recibido una otorgación de Caltrans, ademas fondos de la Agencia del Desarrollo de Redwood City para este proyecto, y mejorar la movilidad y seguridad de los peatones e ciclistas.

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Mary Jean Robles
Housing & Economic Development
(650) 780–7229

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