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Archived News Release from 2010

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Fire Department Reminds Community: “Change Your Clock – Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries”

Redwood City, CA - January 5, 2010 - This Sunday, March 14th, marks the beginning of daylight savings time, when everyone sets their clocks forward one hour. The Redwood City Fire Department reminds the community that this is a great opportunity to also change the batteries in household smoke alarms – “Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries.”

Everyone should be concerned with home fire safety, and a working, maintained smoke alarm is a home’s first line of defense against a potentially devastating fire. The Redwood City Fire Department encourages community members to change smoke alarm batteries at least once each year, and preferably twice - an easy way to remember is to change your batteries when you turn your clock to daylight savings time each spring, and back to standard time each fall. Old batteries should be replaced with fresh, high quality batteries to keep smoke alarms ready to protect families all year-long.

It’s also important to check smoke alarms carefully for proper operation. After inserting fresh batteries, the alarm can be tested by pushing the safety test button (this should be done at least once a month). If the smoke alarm is out of reach, people can use a stick, broom handle, or cane to press the button. There should be at least one smoke alarm on every level of a home, including the basement and family room and, most importantly inside and adjacent to all bedrooms. To ensure all smoke alarms remain sensitive and ready to protect the household, it’s a good idea to clean them with a vacuum once a month to remove dust and cobwebs. Smoke alarms should be replaced entirely every 10 years, or when found to be operating incorrectly.

The Fire Department also recommends that households have a working fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen – and everyone in the home should know how to use it. Another good tool for every house is a family fire escape plan. It’s best to create at least two different escape routes from every room and practice them with the entire family. If a fire occurs, the cardinal rule is: Don't delay - get out quick and stay out!

More information on smoke alarms, home escape planning, and lots of tools for ensuring a household’s fire safety preparedness is available at

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James Skinner, Chief
Redwood City Fire Department

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