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For Immediate Release

Revised Street Sweeping Schedule Starts on April 1, 2012

Redwood City, CA - March 7, 2012 - In order to best serve the community and help residents keep track of their designated street cleaning day, the City will be adjusting the street sweeping schedule, as of April 1, 2012. The new schedule is simplified and more efficient for both City staff and for residents. The entire City-wide NEW schedule can be viewed online at

The key to the simplicity of the new schedule is that any given neighborhood will be cleaned on the same identified day each month – in other words, always the third Tuesday of the month, or the fourth Wednesday of the month, or the first Friday of the month, and so on. This makes it easier for residents to remember to move their vehicles off the street to make room for cleaning, and makes for more efficient scheduling of the street sweeper. The new schedule is also designed to ensure no conflicts with garbage and recycling pickup.

To save on City costs of printing and postage (and to be more green by saving paper) printed copies of the street sweeping schedule will not be mailed to households, as the City has done in the past. Instead, residents can easily see when their street will be swept by going to Redwood City’s Community GIS at and clicking on “Search” then entering their address. General property information will appear on the right side of the screen, and near the bottom of that window will be that address’ next upcoming street cleaning. The new schedule will be included on GIS as of April 1 – until then, the existing schedule is displayed. Residents can view the upcoming schedule at

On the GIS page, residents will also note their street cleaning “District” (such as District 3B) – and by clicking on that link, they are taken to the appropriate street sweeping map and schedule for their neighborhood. If a resident wants to see a map layer of all the street sweeping districts, they can go to the left side of the page, and under “Layers” click on “Other” and then check the box for Street Cleaning Districts. This will display a color-coded map of all the City’s street cleaning areas.

Street cleaning is performed once per month in residential neighborhoods to remove trash and debris that may enter the storm drain system and San Francisco Bay, and to maintain a clean appearance of our roadways. It’s crucial that residents move their vehicles from the curb and gutter on their monthly street cleaning day to allow the sweeper to clean in front of homes. Vehicles can be moved back to the curb once the sweeper has passed. When vehicles are not moved for street sweeping, the litter and debris will be an eyesore until the following months’ cleaning and, during the rainy season, can flow into the Bay.


Marilyn Harang, Interim Director
Interim Assistant Public Works Director


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