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  • The Forum is on hiatus. If we are able to resume the series, we'll announce it here, and we'll also send an update to our mailing list.

See the nation's leading pracitioners of planning, architecture, and urban design in Downtown Redwood City!

When: 6:00pm, the first THURSDAY of every month, from October to May of each year.

Where: The Little Fox Theatre in Downtown Redwood City

(Click here for parking information, here for driving directions, and here for transit info).

The Forum at Redwood City is a series of educational discussions for city leaders and urban design professionals, taking place the first Thursday of each month. The Forum brings nationally-known speakers and presenters to Downtown Redwood City for in-depth dialogues on city design issues, such as street design, form-based codes, affordable housing, transit, and parking management.

By bringing together local government officials from throughout the Bay Area--as well as planners, engineers, urban designers, architects, other professionals in the urban design field, and local citizens and advocates--The Forum is intended to educate and foster discussion on new and emerging concepts in city planning and design. Interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Forum takes place on the first Thursday of each month from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Little Fox Theater, 2215 Broadway, in Downtown Redwood City. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the cost is $10 per person, payable at the door. No RSVP is required. An optional no-host dinner with the speaker and other participants is generally held following The Forum for those wishing to continue the discussion.

Need more information?

Dan Zack, AICP
Downtown Development Coordinator
(650) 780-7363

The Forum is co-sponsored by the Redwood City Redevelopment Agency and Communities By Design (CBD). CBD is a non-profit organization which provides urban design training, education and media to local government officials and community leaders who want to improve their communities.

Upcoming and Past Speakers

# Date Speaker Topic Materials
45. May 7, 2009 Patrick Kennedy The 10 Commandments of Urban Infill: Does Urban Evolution Require Divine Intervention?
44. April 2, 2009 Steve Price Envisioning Urbanism: Promoting Sustainable Communities Through Photosimulation
43. March 5th, 2009 Dan Zack Delightful Density : Strategies for Comfort, Convenience, and Choice in the Cities of the New Reality
42. February 5th, 2009 Jeffery Tumlin Green Mobility: 10 Easy Steps to Ease Congestion, Earn Money, and Solve Global Climate Change
41. January 8th, 2009 Rick Gustafson The Portland Streetcar: Development-Oriented Transit
40. December 4, 2008 David Goldberg Growing Cooler: Climate, Energy, the Economy, and Smart Growth
39. November 6, 2008 Michael Ronkin Complete Streets: Designing for Transit, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Cars
38. October 2, 2008 Robert Davis The City of Ideas
37. April 2, 2008 Don Weden Winds of Change: Adapting General Plans to the Changing Realities of the 21st Century
36. March 5, 2008 Seth Harry

Leaving the Mall Behind: Creating Robust Urban Shopping Districts in a Suburban World

35. February 6, 2008 Dan Parolek Form-Based Codes: A Look at the Evolution and Use of Cutting-Edge Zoning Tools
34. January 2, 2008 Daniel Iacofano New Years Resolution: Building Healthy and Inclusive Cities
33. December 5, 2007 G.B. Arrington Placemaking with Transit and Transit-Oriented Development
32. November 7, 2007 Dena Belzer and Ellen Greenberg Smart Growth and the Workplace
31. October 3, 2007 Laura Hall Breakthrough Development Using the SmartCode
30. May 2, 2007 Susan Moeller Tales of Transformation: From Vision to Reality
29. April 4, 2007 Galina Tahchieva Suburban Retrofit: Theory and Practice
28. March 7, 2007 Rick Cole Making Great Places: Think Globally, Act Locally
27. February 7, 2007 Stephen Lawton Is Smart Growth Possible in California? One Small City’s Herculean Tale of Transformation
26. January 3, 2007 Stephen Coyle Secrets of Sustainability: Seven Steps for Designing and Developing Sustainable Places
25. December 6, 2006 Alan Hoffman Making Transit Work in the Bay Area: Principles of Effective Systems
24. November 1, 2006 Al Zelinka Can Good Design Reduce Crime and Fear of Crime?
23. October 4, 2006 Doug Suisman Planning Palestine: Urban Design Amid the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
22. May 3, 2006 Stephen Mouzon Sustainably Modern Architecture
21. April 5 , 2006 Gordon Price Designing the Inevitable: Creating a High-Density and Livable Inner City (Lessons from Vancouver)
20. March 1 , 2006 Donlyn Lyndon Unlocking the Secrets of Great Places
19. February 1, 2006 Dr. Richard Jackson Creating Healthier Communities: Understanding the Link Between Urban Design and Public Health
18. January 4, 2006 John Anderson Using the Dark Arts of Development to Create Great Places: A Practitioner’s Guide
17. December 7, 2005 Gregory Tung Understanding Civic Art: The Urban Design of "Everything Else"
16. November 2, 2005 Jim Peters The Split Use Trend: How to Create and Manage a 24/7 Downtown
15. October 5, 2005 Allan Jacobs

Great Cities, Great Streets: Insights into Successful City Planning

14. May 4, 2005

Panel: Bob Doty, Rod Diridon, Hans Korve, and Michael Freedman

The Future of Rail Transit on the Peninsula
13. April 6, 2005 Douglas Kolozsvari The High Cost of Free Parking
12. March 2, 2005 Fred Kent The World's Best and Worst Parks
11. February 2, 2005 Denise Conley The Economics of Mixed Use: An New Opportunity for Downtown Development
10. January 5, 2005 Dan Burden Healthy Streets for Healthy People: Best Practices in Retrofitting our Best and Worst Streets
9. December 1 , 2004

Boris Dramov

Transforming Failed Freeways into Successful City Streets
8. November 3 , 2004 Michael Pyatok The Affordable Housing System and the Role of Design
7. October 6, 2004 Victor Dover Tranforming Failed Shopping Centers into Successful Neighborhoods
6. May 5 , 2004 Daniel Solomon Global City Blues: The Impact of Globalism on the Livability of Our Cities

April 7 , 2004

Terry Bottomley El Camino Real: Can a Declining Highway Become a Grand Boulevard?
4. March 3, 2004 Geoffrey Ferrell Design Charrettes: A Public Participation Tool for Integrating Community Values into Design
3. February 4, 2004 Shelly Poticha The New Transit Town: Best Practices in Transit-Oriented Development

January 7, 2004

Michael Freedman Beyond Office Parks: The Workplace District in the 21st Century

December 3, 2003

Peter Katz Beyond Zoning: New Apparoaches to Development Regulations


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