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Is My Child Ready for Camp?

young campersWhich camp to pick?

  1. Is your child crazy about the outdoors, dinosaurs, soccer, dance, art, bugs, fairytales, cooking etc? Pick a camp that will keep your child’s interest. Many camps will have a theme listed when you sign up. Consider your child’s interests when making a selection.

  2. Ask neighbors and friends about camp suggestions, they can be some of the greatest resources.

  3. Consider if your child would do better in a full day or half day camp setting. If a full day would be too long, consider sending them to a half day camp. Many times a half day is a perfect amount of time for a new camper.

Your child may be ready for camp if…

  1. Shows signs of independence, goes to school, is accustomed to being separated from you for extended periods and or has older brothers or sister they look up to.

  2. Enjoys making new friends and doing hands on activities.

  3. Enjoys playdates with other children.

Tips for a better transition

  1. A short and sweet goodbye works best for all. After you sign your child into camp, give them a hug and kiss, introduce them to their leader, and tell them to have a great day.

  2. Make sure your camper has what they need to go to camp. All their clothes and lunch box are labeled with their name since many times campers may have the same items.

  3. If you have specific parent questions about camp or the activities call before the camp starts that way you have your answers before dropping off your child on the first day.

  4.  If your camp is held at a local park or community center it may be a good idea to visit the location with your child beforehand.

  5. Before the first day of camp you may want to talk to your child about going to camp and the exciting things they will be doing.

  6. On average, 8 year olds are ready for “sleepover” camp. To ease the transition, kids should experience sleeping over at a relative’s or friend’s house at least one night before going to an overnight camp.

In Addition
Camp is meant to be a positive experience. Our goal is to make sure that each child walks away having gained something. Whether it's making a new friend; a discovery about animals; or a new skill such as "pumping" on a swing; our goal is to make sure this new adventure creates a lifetime of good memories.



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