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Steps for Booking a Picnic

Request an Account | View Availability | Make a Reservation | Print Your Permit

 I. Request an Account
If you do not have a customer account, please follow these instructions. If you already have an account, proceed to section III: "Making a Reservation."

Requesting Customer Account and Password
All new customers need to request an account in order to view the facility reservations. Fill out the New Account Request completely, including birthdate. Please submit your request only once.

To request an account, click the link to the Reserve Facility page, then click the "Register Now" button.

Please add RWC Recreation ( to your address book so you can receive permits and confirmations via email.

Please Note:

Under phone number, you must enter a home phone number. If want to supply only one phone number, it must be entered as a home number.
Do not check the box to use your email address as a login name - you must enter a login name and password.
You cannot proceed with the reservation process until you receive your Customer ID and Password via email, usually within two business days. A working email address is required to complete the user account request.

 II. View Available Times (optional)
Click the link to the View Facilities page.
In the 'Facility Types' dropdown box, select "Picnic Area".
Select a month beside a site you are interested in. Only months which have bookings are shown. If a month is not listed, there are currently no reservations for that month.
The calendar will show times for all the current bookings.
Choose an available time at a site you like and proceed to section III: "Making a Reservation".

 III. Make a Reservation
 1. Login
Click the link to the Reserve Facility page.
Enter your login name and password (if you do not have a login name, go back to "Section I: Request an Account" to request one)
Click "Continue"
 2. "Facility Reservation"
In the 'Event Type' dropdown box; select "Picnic Reservation"
Enter a description for your picnic (Smith Party)and the maximum number of guests who will be attending. (Make sure the number of guests does not exceed the maximum permitted for the site.)
Click "Continue"
 3. "Facility Search"
Select "Picnic Area" as the type of facility.
DO NOT make selections in any of the other three list boxes ('Locations', 'Areas', 'Specify Amenities')
Click "Continue"
 4. "Review Selected Facilities"
If you know which site you want, mark the check box beside it.
If you want to select from multiple sites, mark the check box beside each site for which you want to view schedules. You will need to remove the extra sites later.
Click "Continue"
 5. "Event Dates"
If you know the date you want to book, enter the date as both the start and end date. You will skip the next step (#6).
(Non-Residents may only book 3 months ahead of time)
If you want to select from a range of dates, enter the start and end dates of the range. You will need to remove the extra dates later.
DO NOT change the 'General Time of Day' dropdown list; it should be set to "Use Exact Time"
Enter a start time and duration for your picnic.
Click "Continue"
 6. "Date Pattern"
If you chose a single date rather than a range of dates, skip this step.
Select days of the week and the weeks of the month for which you want to view schedules.
Click "Continue"
 7. "Customize/Review Requested Event Dates"
If you selected a single date, confirm that the date is available.
If you selected a range of dates, the calendar will show the dates which are available at any of the sites you chose. Remove each date other than the one you want to book by clicking the date number on the calendar to view the date, and then clicking the "Remove" button.
Click "Continue"
 8. "Select Facilities"
If you selected multiple sites, remove the check mark beside each site other than the one you want to book.
The cost for each area will be listed under the “estimate” column
Click "Continue"
 9. "Selected Event Times"
Confirm that the info is correct.
Read all of the Rules and Regulations listed in the waiver box.
Click "Continue"
 10. "Payment Information"
Select the type of Credit Card. (Visa or Mastercard only) We are currently not able to process online reservations using credits on account.
Enter card information.
Check the box ensuring you are over 13yrs of age.
Click "Continue"
 10. "Facility Reservation Request Screen"
A copy of your request will be displayed. Print a copy for your records.
Your request will be approved or denied within 5 days.

 IV. Printing your Picnic Reservation Permit
 1. Login
Click the link to the Reserve Facility Page
Click the "My Account" button at the top of the screen.
Login with your user name and password.
Click the "Get a list of prior transactions" link.
 2. "Account Details"
Click the transaction for the request you are printing.
The request, or permit will display on the screen
 3. "Transaction Details"
Click the permit number to view the permit or request.
(Requests are numbered 900---)
The receipt for your payment can also be viewed here.
The permit or request will be displayed
 4. "Permit / Request"
The permit or request is displayed.
To view its status, look in the upper right corner. If it is approved, click print, if it is a request please wait until it is processed.


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