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About the Former Redwood City Redevelopment Agency

Redevelopment was a process authorized under California law that enabled local government to revitalize deteriorated and blighted areas. Redevelopment agencies developed a plan and provided the initial funding to launch revitalization of identified areas. In doing so, Redevelopment encouraged and attracted private sector investments that otherwise wouldn’t occur.

Redevelopment activities created jobs and expanded business opportunities, provided housing for families most in need, helped reduce crime, improved infrastructure and public works, and cleaned up environmentally-threatened and rundown areas.

The Redwood City Redevelopment Agency (RDA) was formed in 1982. Originally, the Project Area consisted of 332 acres, and expanded to a total of 1,016 acres in 1989.

In recent years, the RDA received approximately $12 million in property tax increments annually to fund affordable housing, projects, programs, and debt service. The RDA had provided funds and/or support for a number of projects and programs, including, but not limited to, the development of Courthouse Square, Jefferson Underground Garage, Sequoia Station Shopping Center, and streetscape improvements to portions of Broadway, Middlefield Road, El Camino Real, and Seaport Boulevard. Twenty percent of the tax increments received by the RDA focused on the creation and preservation of affordable housing such as the Villa Montgomery development on El Camino Real, City Center project, and lead-based paint removal grants.


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