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Kaiser Permanente’s Phase I Hospital Replacement Project
Proposed Project in Redwood City

Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City is embarking on the first phase of the Kaiser Precise Plan called the Phase 1 Hospital  Replacement Project. The rebuilt hospital will be 280,000 square feet (149 beds) tiered in height from two to six-to-seven stories. The hospital's Central Utility Plant (CUP) will be16,00 square feet and two stories high.

Update: March 30, 2011
Kaiser has been working on numerous projects on-site to prepare the area for the major construction. They are now ready to break ground and begin foundation work on the new hospital.

The initial phase of work requires the complete closure of Walnut Street between Veterans and Bradford Street as of Sunday, April 10th, 2011. This portion of Walnut Street will be closed for 24 to 36 months to accommodate the new hospital construction and roadway re-alignment.

  • April 1st - changeable message boards will be in place by Friday April 1st to inform the motorists and pedestrians of the upcoming closure.
  • April 4th - deliveries of a significant amount of materials including concrete k-rail, fencing, and barricades will take place through April 4th.
  • April 8th - traffic control devices and signal light reprogramming will be implemented by April 8th
  • April 10th - the complete closure of Walnut Street between Veterans and Bradford will be effective at the end of day on Sunday, April 10th. 

The City and Kaiser wish to thank the community in advance for their patience, and to urge extra caution if driving or walking in the area as there will be equipment and trucks moving in and out of the work site.

Questions for the City about this project can be directed to 650-780-7380. Kaiser's Project Director can be reached at 650-299-4919.

Summary of key aspects of the Phase I Hospital Replacement Project improvements:

  1. Kaiser’s Existing Hospital: Proposed revisions to the Kaiser Precise Plan are, in part, an outcome of the fact that Kaiser has decided not to demolish the project site’s existing 204,200 square foot hospital building. Instead this building will be remodeled and approximately 45% of the structure will be occupied by medical support and outpatient functions while the remaining 55% will remain vacant until additional on-site parking is provided on the Kaiser campus.

  2. Revised Access to New Hospital: Kaiser Precise Plan urban design guidelines and circulation policies recommend Veterans Blvd. as the “front door” to the campus. Kaiser proposes instead to locate the hospital’s primary entrance within the center of the campus with access from Marshall Court and Maple Street.  A secondary entrance will be provided through the proposed Emergency Department (ED) drop off/ walk-in area. This secondary entrance will become the hospital’s “front door face” on Walnut Street near Veterans Blvd. which is generally consistent with Kaiser Precise Plan urban design guidelines and circulation policy that recommends direct hospital emergency room access from Walnut Street.

    In addition, the existing hospital building (once remodeled) will have its primary entrance/ drop-off area on Veterans Blvd.

  3. Opening of Marshall Court Cul-De-Sac: Kaiser also proposes to open the Marshall Court cul du sac to allow both pedestrian and vehicular access into the Kaiser campus. This change will increase access options from the City’s Downtown into the campus which is consistent with Precise Plan circulation policies.

  4. Relocation of Ambulance Drop-off Area to Veterans Blvd: The Kaiser Precise Plan recommends that emergency vehicle access be provided from streets other than Main and Maple and from streets that do not provide primary access to parking or building drop-off areas. Walnut Street is recommended.

    Kaiser proposes to locate the hospital’s ambulance access area off of Veterans Boulevard (separate from the Walnut Street ED patient drop-off/walk-in area) which is generally consistent with the Precise Plan goal described above because this location does not conflict with access points to the new hospital’s primary entrance, ED entrance or ED parking lot.

  5. Relocation of Walnut Street Emergency Department (ED) drop-off /walk-in area: While the ED’s protected circular drive and building entrance are relocated further north on Walnut Street, its driveway entrance is in the same location as anticipated in the Kaiser Precise Plan. The ED’s redesign will therefore not affect any turning movements at the intersection.

  6. Walnut Street – Revised Setback and Street Frontage Improvements: The Kaiser Precise Plan requires a 14 to 20 foot setback/build-to line. The design of the ED circular drive drop-off and walk-in area and the narrowing of Walnut Street right-of-way has resulted instead in an expanded 35 to over 60 foot setback.

    Walnut Street frontage improvements are also required to include 10-12 foot wide sidewalks with a 4-foot raised seat wall/ planter.  Kaiser instead proposes 6-foot wide sidewalks in between two planter strips. This change is necessary to address, among other things, unanticipated underground utilities that could preclude Kaiser’s ability to install required street trees. A positive outcome of this redesign is that Walnut Street sidewalks will have a double row of street trees.

  7. Veterans Blvd. - Revised Setback and Street Frontage Improvements: The Kaiser Precise Plan also recommends that Veterans Blvd. maintain a 22-foot minimum building setback (as measured from back of sidewalk); a two foot setback is also potentially allowed provided that the building does not exceed two stories in height within the reduced setback area.  While Kaiser proposes to provide the required 10-foot sidewalk and 8-foot wide planter strip along the Veterans Blvd. street frontage (from the Redwood Creek culvert near Main Street to Maple Street), they are requesting a four foot building setback for the two and six story portions of the hospital fronting on Veterans Blvd.

Background timeline:

  • December 16, 2008, Planning Commission: “Conceptually approved" Kaiser’s Phase 1 Hospital Replacement plan including proposed modifications to the Kaiser Precise Plan.
  • July 28, 2009, Architectural Review Committee (ARC): Recommended Planning Commission approval of Kaiser’s replacement hospital architectural design.
  • April 27, 2010,ARC:  Recommended Planning Commission approval of Kaiser’s proposed Planned Community (PC) Permit application for the new hospital, CUP and on-site and off-site campus improvement details.
  • June 29, 2010, Planning Commission: Recommended City Council approval of modifications to the Kaiser Precise Plan; and  approved a Planned Community (PC) Permit for the Phase 1 Hospital Replacement Project subject to City Council approval of Kaiser Precise Plan modifications.
  • July 26, 2010, City Council approved Planning Commission recommendations, from June 29 Commission meeting (above).

The Kaiser Precise Plan, approved by the City Council in 2003 (involving the 15.6 acre Kaiser Master Plan area) provides for the phased demolition of all existing Kaiser campus buildings, except for the existing Veterans Blvd. parking structure, and the construction of a new hospital (440,000 square feet, 192 bed); Central Utility Plant (CUP) (28,000 square feet); four new medical clinic buildings; a cancer care building; an administrative office building; and four parking structures. The current proposal involves a request for modifications to this Precise Plan, as described above.

Click on the "play" button to view a computer-generated overview of
Kaiser's proposed Hospital Replacement Program in Redwood City.
Video provided by Kaiser Permanente.

This web page is provided by Redwood City in order to offer the community general information about the Kaiser Hospital Replacement Program. It does not represent or indicate any City position on the proposal's elements.
The source of the above information is the City's July 26, 2010 staff report.

Be sure to check this web page for updates.


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