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March 3, 2004

Agenda is Full – Do Not Add Items

City Council Chambers

9:00 AM
1. 1810 El Camino Real (Tony Gundugdu):

Application of Tony Gundugdu for a Use Permit to allow a new retail and medical (optometrist) use to operate within an existing 3,395 square foot, non-conforming mixed use (2,311 square foot ground-floor commercial and 1,085 square foot second-story residential) building with insufficient parking (five spaces where 9 to 13 spaces are normally required). The parcel is 4,428 square feet in size and is located in the “CG” (General Commercial) Zoning District.

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan, 780-7236

9:30 AM
2. 3175 Spring Street (AT&T):

Application of AT&T for a Use Permit to allow the outdoor placement of a 1,500 kilowatt, backup emergency electrical generator and gas tank (to service the generator) on AT&T property behind an existing fence and adjacent to two existing outdoor generators. The property is located in the “IR” (Industrial Restricted) Zoning District.

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan, 780-7236

10:00 AM
3. 3211 Oak Knoll Drive

Application of Curves for a Use Permit to allow a 30-minute fitness and weight loss center within the existing Oak Knoll/Canyon Road Shopping Center. The fitness/weight center would occupy one of the small, existing retail spaces (a 1,791 square foot retail space) and would operated in split shifts on Monday –Friday from 6am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm and on Saturday from 6am to noon. The property is located in the “CN” (Commercial Neighborhood) Zoning District.

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan, 780-7236

11:00 AM
4. 1250 El Camino Real (Whole Foods Markets):

Application for a Use Permit pursuant to Article 13, Section 4.H, “Neighborhood Commercial District;” and Article 30 Sections 2.2.M and 7, “Off-Street Parking and Loading.” The application is for a new grocery store (Whole Foods) including outside uses and a shared parking/loading zone at an existing grocery store site (formerly Albertson’s and previously Lucky’s) located in the Neighborhood Commercial (CN) Zoning District. The site area is approximately 102,000 square feet (2.34 Acres). The existing gross building floor area is approximately 37,750 square feet, including a basement and a mezzanine. The site has capacity for approximately 157 parking stalls (15 of which have been displaced by trash facilities). The building would include the following uses and associated parking demand:

Building Use Square Footage*
or Seat Count
Parking Demand - Stalls
Sales Floor 22,840 114
Mechanical Mezzanine 1,285 0
Back-Stock & Office** 15,000 45
Exterior Seating 88 seats 29
Total 39,125 188

* All square footages are approximate
** Back-Stock and Office parking demand based on proposed 45 employees per work shift.

As proposed, the grocery store site, building, and operations would be altered from the existing condition in the following ways:

  • An approximately 1,400 square foot addition to the northwest side of the building to increase the upper level back-stock area.
  • Elimination of the existing loading ramp and use of 24 at–grade parking spaces between the hours of 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM for deliveries.
  • Between the hours of 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM, 133 parking stalls are proposed to be available for staff and customers. Between the hours of 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM, 157 parking stalls are proposed to be available for staff and customers.
  • Redesign of the front façade including a new roofline with a taller tower element, reconfigured entrances, and trellis features.
  • Landscape planting plan with the retention of existing planters and trees, but with new shrubs, perennials, vines, and ground covers.
  • New signage on the building and a monument sign.
  • Dining areas, including 36 interior seats and 88 outside seats.
  • Outside produce/flower display areas.

Project Planner: Jill Ekas, 780-7298



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