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May 26, 2004

City Council Chambers

9:00 AM
1. 390 and 400 Conventions Way (Marty Putnam)
Application of Putnam Lexus and Putnam Jaguar for a Variance and Use Permit to allow the installation of a two-story, 210 stall, modular parking structure within an easement area that lies between the existing building of Putnam Jaguar and the existing building of Putnam Lexus (the “Easements Area”) pursuant to Zoning Ordinance Article 18, Sections 18.4 (parking structure is a Conditional Use), 18.8 (site exceeds 50% lot coverage) and 18.9 B. & C. (parking structure exceeds side and rear yard setbacks), and subject to recordation of a reciprocal easement agreement/deed restriction between the subject property owners for the Easements Area. The properties are located in the “IP-V” (Industrial Park -Vehicular Combining) Zoning District and are approximately 43,865 and 10,890 square feet in size. (The property owners of 390 and 400 Convention Way are also required to obtain a separate reciprocal easement agreement with Caltrans for placement of a portion of the modular parking structure on Caltrans land that is generally located between Highway 101 and the rear yard property lines of 390 and 400 Convention Way).

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan (780-7236)

10:00 AM

2. 25 Somerset Street (Joe Ravella):
Application for a Variance, per the requirements of Article 5.9(b) of the Zoning Ordinance, to allow a side yard setback of 4 feet, for an addition at the rear of the residence, where a minimum of 5 feet is required. The lot is approximately 8,600 square feet and is located in the “R-1” (Residential-Single Family) Zoning District.

10:30 AM

3. 139 Jackson (David Pelayo)
Application of David Pelayo for a Use Permit to allow an existing, 400 square foot (20 foot by 20 foot) illegal dwelling unit to be converted into and used for storage space. The property is approved for a two-unit duplex with a two car garage and a two car carport. The approved carport was illegally converted into a third living unit. The property now only contains a two car garage where four covered parking spaces are required for duplex units pursuant to Zoning Ordinance Article 30, Sections 30.2.1.D. The property is 7,000 square feet in size and is located in the “R-2” (Residential Duplex) Zoning District.

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan (780-7236)




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