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August 9, 2006

City Council Chambers

9:30 AM

  1. 2690 Goodwin Avenue (Jeff Dye and Karen Zamel):

Application for a Variance pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance, Article 5, Section 9.C, for a rear yard setback of less than twenty feet to accommodate a single-story addition to an existing single-family home. The proposed addition for a master bedroom suite includes an approximately 45 square foot portion that would encroach into the rear yard with a setback varying from approximately 13.5 to 20 feet. Another portion of the project includes connecting the existing home to an existing detached two-car garage for the purpose of creating a front entrance facing the street. Although the garage will not be enlarged in any way what-so-ever, the connection will result in the rear portion of the garage being located within the 20-foot setback as well (setback requirements for detached garages are only six feet for the rear property line). The project site is approximately 5,916 square feet, and consists of a shallow lot with an irregular rear lot line. The site is located in the R-1 Single-Family Residential Zoning District.

Project Planner:  Jill Ekas, 780-7298

  1. 435 Samson (Jeff Sampson):

Application for a Use Permit pursuant to Article 33 Section 5 of the Zoning Ordinance, to allow the expansion of a nonconforming use. The property is approximately 5,000 square feet and is developed with a duplex, where 7,500 square feet is currently the required minimum lot size for two units. The property is also located within the Mezesville/Centennial Historic District. The applicant proposes to add one bedroom to the rear unit resulting in a two-bedroom unit. In conjunction with the addition, the applicant also proposes to improve parking layout and site drainage.  The property is located within the R-5 Multi-Family Residential Zoning District.

Project Planner:  Jill Ekas, 780-7298



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