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New Utility Connections: Water and Sewer

General Information:

All new construction and improvements require a variety of permits, design reviews and inspections.  Applicants should start by contacting Redwood City personnel to determine which applications and submittals are required.  Applicants can either visit the Community Development Services’ Public Counter at City Hall, or call 650-780-7349 or 780-7231.  The Permit Technician will explain the process and the forms that need to be completed. 

One-stop plan review services are also available by appointment to assist with this process. See Permits for additional information, including links to various types of permits.

Engineering Standards:

Any construction projects that connect to the public right-of-way (such as connections to city water and sewer services) will require a Construction of Improvements (pdf, 61KB) permit.  All utility connections to facilities in the public right of way must follow the appropriate Engineering Standards as specified in volumes one through three.  Volume one provides standard technical specifications, volume two contains standard detail drawings, and volume three supplies design criteria.

For New Water Connections see: For New Sewer Connections see:
  • Volume 1, Section 02730: Sanitary Sewers (pdf, 98KB)
  • Volume 2: “Sewer Details
  • Volume 3: Part VI (pdf, 75KB) Sanitary Sewer System Design Criteria
  • Volume 3: Part X (pdf, 61KB) Submittal Procedures for: Shop Drawings, Cut Sheets and As-built Drawings

All new utility connections require the payment of connection fees and Capital Facility Fees.

For Water Fees see
Applying for a New Water Service Meter or Meter Upgrade (pdf, 225KB)
or the Municipal Code, Article III. Connection Fees, particularly:

Sec. 38.10. Fees-Installation of Water Service Meter Only:
Sec. 38.10.1. Fees-Connection of  Water Line to Water Main:
Sec. 38.12. Additional Fee for Areas 2 AND 4:

For Sewer Fees see the Municipal Code, Article IX. Fees and Charges, particularly:

Sec. 27.101. Wastewater Treatment  Capacity Fee; Facility Fee: Sec. 27.102. Construction Costs:

If you have questions, please contact Engineering and Construction at 650-780-7380 or Building and Inspections at 650-780-7350.  Inspections may be requested at 650-780-7361.

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