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Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti, the unauthorized writing, mark or design applied to any surface, is a form of vandalism and a crime. Offenders deface both public and private property and will be prosecuted when caught. Financially, it is an expensive burden for the community. Graffiti lowers property values, generates repair costs and can incite additional criminal activity.

Graffiti abatement is a joint effort between the community, Public Works, the Police Department, Community Development, and Parks, Recreation, and Community Services. Please report any graffiti as soon as you notice it. The Graffiti Hotline, (650) 780-7304, is checked daily. Hot spots, areas targeted by graffiti vandals, are checked regularly. The overall goal is to remove graffiti as soon as possible.

Redwood City’s municipal code requires the timely removal of graffiti. City staff generally remove graffiti only from public properties. When graffiti appears on private properties, the owner bears the burden of the removal. If a property owner receives a graffiti removal notice, the graffiti must be removed in the time specified (see Municipal Code Chapter 14, Article VII Section 14.103). The Police Department and Code Enforcement will enforce this code when necessary.

Please help us keep Redwood City free of vandalism and maintain our quality of life! Call the Police Department at 650-780-7100 during business hours and 650-780-7190 after hours to report any suspicious activity.

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