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Public Works Storm Drain Services Redwood City, California
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Stormwater BMPs for Citizens





Storm Drain, Creek and Channel Services

Important Illicit Discharge Information
(Illegal Storm Drain Dumping)


Maintain, repair, and operate the storm water drainage system in compliance with county, state, and federal regulations, safely and effectively.


Storm Crew The Public Works Division annually completes maintenance and clearing of all pump stations, catch basins, inlets, and creeks (lined and unlined) before October 15, the start of the wet season. A strategy of preventive maintenance, periodic inspections and as needed cleanings drives the annual work schedule. Typically, to maintain proper flow, crews remove and dispose of 400 cubic yards of trash and debris from basins and inlets, and 1,650 cubic yards of trash, debris and sediment from creeks, channels and drainage ditches.

The Redwood City storm water drainage system consists of:

  • 19 Pump Stations

  • 2,685 storm drain catch basins, inlets and siphons

  • Over 100 miles of storm drain pipe

  • 150 acres of storm retention basin in Redwood Shores (lagoons)

  • 82 open culverts

  • Over 10 miles of creeks, drain ditches and canals


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